"Your naughty evenings" : the hilarious anecdote of Julien Courbet on TF1!

Guest of C to You, this Thursday, November 25, 2021, Julien Courbet shared a funny live anecdote… when a person began to attack his private parts!

A little embarrassment … Julien courbet was the guest of C to you on France 5, this Thursday, November 25, 2021, on the occasion of the publication of his comic Make kids, bringing together extracts from his exchanges with his son Gabin. The host who now officiates on M6 and RTL was interviewed by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, who wished he knew the worst insult he had ever received on television. The one who has acted as a mediator between victims and scammers for nearly 30 years then remembered a tasty live moment, when he officiated on TF1. Well, tasty, maybe not for the main interested.

Do you want us to talk about your naughty little evenings?

Julien Courbet then began to tell that during a program where he was trying to help his guest on the set, he found himself in a rather funny situation: “I call a man who had not delivered something and he did not know how to get out of it so he said to me: ‘Yes, yes, we will talk about it… but first you want us to talk about your naughty little parties?’ So there, I do not dismantle, I tell him: ‘Let’s talk about it, have you been there before sir?’. ‘Me no, but we can talk about it!“, would have tried to intimidate his interlocutor … before changing his mind, as the host relates:”Seeing that I was not dismantling, he goes to level 2: ‘Do they know people that you have a small one?“, he remembers, immediately causing a giggle of all the chroniclers on set.

It will be complicated for me …

And Julien Courbet, specifying that it was indeed a prime time number on TF1, thus insinuating that a large number of viewers could be in front of their station, would then have replied, with the humor that he was given. knows: “‘They didn’t know it until now, but then it’s going to be complicated for me … And that’s every day, when we don’t know what to say, we insult“, he concluded, amused, just like Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, delighted by the story of his guest. And the host ended on a light note:”He turned the curve up. That’s how we say in the business!

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