Youth Soccer: Colo Colo beats Barnechea in the U21

The Under21 of Colo Colo had an important match in local condition in the Monumental Stadium against Barnechea, in a valid duel for the date 4 of the 2021 National Youth Soccer Championship.

Eduardo Rubio’s team beat Huaicocheros 2-1 with goals from Eitan Ramírez and Santiago Bravo. With this result, the Chief reached four units and advances in the Group 4 position table of the competition.

The popular cast took to the field with: Julio Fierro; Santiago Bravo, Nicolas Garrido, Diego Ulloa, Felipe Yáñez; Bastián Silva, Dylan Portilla, Jhordy Thompson, Rodrigo Cisterna, Lucas Soto; Eitan Ramírez.

Once the game was over, goalkeeper Julio Fierro spoke with the official broadcast and analyzed the game: “The team has been asserting itself little by little, we have very young teammates, but they play very well and have integrated little by little. The lack of first team players has not been noticed so much, because the work that is done here is very good”, he pointed.

The albos prevailed in the Monumental.

To later tell his experience in the first team. “You learn day by day with the first team, the teacher, and the players always give you something and that’s how we grow day by day”, closed the goalkeeper albo who has already debuted in professionalism.

Relive the game:

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