YouTube: 3 excellent tricks to get the most out of the platform

YouTube is a platform that has various functions to enjoy videos, but in addition to its usual tools, a series of tricks can be applied to the social network that allow other users a better browsing experience.

In this case, we want to show you three interesting tricks that you can apply on YouTube so that you can get the most out of the platform.

YouTube caption

Although many YouTube videos come with subtitles, either because the creator has placed them or because the platform itself allows it, there is also a very useful way to extract the text from a video.

Just copy the video link and paste it into the YouTube Caption box, then tap the search icon. After waiting several seconds, you will see the video preview with the subtitles listed.

[YouTube copia esta funciĆ³n de Netflix en nueva actualizaciĆ³n]


Currently, to avoid advertising on the platform, you must pay for YouTube Premium or get an ad blocker. But none of these prevents you from seeing the one posted there within the video.

With this SponsorBlock You will be able to avoid the publicity that the rest is not capable of. It uses algorithms and systems that allow you to see sponsored content. When viewing the video, the user receives an alert when the extension skips the sponsorship. Gives the options to view the ad, report it, and do nothing.

Rabbit Hole for YouTube

Is extension helps you not to spend more time than you should on YouTube. Sometimes it happens that you watch a video and then the platform recommends others and the hours go by without realizing it.

What this tool does is avoid this, leaving the suggested content blank, hiding comments and chats that may be active. Also, disable suggestion videos.

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