YouTube, decisive in the influence of consumer purchase: Ipsos

Video is the king of formats today. The push towards video images as the preferred content of digital users is undeniable and this has led brands to drive various video content trends such as content commerce, shoppable videos, short-form videos, etc.

According to the figures, video is not only ideal as a content format, but even before TV, it proves to be directly relevant in advertising. According to a survey conducted by Ipsos, 86% of online video users in Mexico are open to advertising or branded content when viewing videos that are personally relevant to them.

Youtube surprises with its direct influence on potential consumers

This shows a clear picture of trends, indicating that video continues to be really effective for brands when advertising. Going deeper into this point, the YouTube video platform leads the options to present advertising to varied audiences in Mexico. To be precise, Ipsos revealed that 83% of Mexico’s online video audience state that advertising on YouTube videos makes them more likely to consider a brand or product.

By the numbers, the platform enables brands to connect with today’s viewers and shoppers across devices, at deeply relevant times and mindsets.

To a large extent, video is positioned as an option par excellence in marketing plans, especially because it allows engagement through storytelling, something that cannot be achieved with fixed images. Specifically in the case of YouTube, stories are particularly effective. According to the same Ipsos survey, 90% of online video users in Mexico feel that YouTube content tells a good story.

This is how video, as a format, and the YouTube platform, are a clear stable and favorable trend for current advertising in Mexico, so, according to sources, it is worth turning to this sector and looking for a way to connect with consumers in this way.

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