YouTube modernizes its interface, but in small steps

Over the past few weeks, many users have been treated to a slightly revamped YouTube interface on both mobile and PC. Here are the small changes observed.

YouTube smartphone app
Source: Unsplash / Christian Wiedige

The YouTube interface is currently undergoing a minor overhaul. facelift. No revolutionary changes to the menu of the day, but some small visual adjustments to put in your mouth. Gradually rolled out over several weeks, these changes were noticed by 9to5Google.

On mobile (iOS and Android), the Californian giant wants to bring a touch of modernity to its platform. The changes concern the video playback page and more particularly the carousel of buttons allowing you to like, share or download the video, to create a Short, to extract a piece of content or even to save it.

like deja vu

Each button leading to an action is now stored in an oblong pill, which also recalls the design language brought to Android 12 at the time. The name of the YouTuber also changes place and is found above the famous carousel of buttons.

The small bell for activating notifications for new videos also takes height and is decked out, like the other buttons, with a pill. This aesthetic touch also applies to the commentary highlighted by the platform, which attracts more attention at first glance.

The web version also concerned

Finally, the web version (photo n°2) also opts for a small change: the description of the video is more highlighted here too with a gray box with rounded edges. All these corrections have the effect of bringing a certain visual coherence to the whole page and to the user experience.

To see now when Google will decide to deploy this update on a larger scale.

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