Youtube star created chaos in Tromsø

On Tuesday, Paul appeared in Bergen, while on Wednesday he had taken the trip to Tromsø.

Herds of minor children created headaches for the police in the city on Wednesday night.

– As far as I know, there is a famous Youtube celebrity in the city, and the gatherings began when he visited a restaurant in Tromsø city center. Later, his entourage moved to the pier facility, and the youth followed, confirms operations manager Beate Helberg in Troms police district to TV 2.

POPULAR: Youtube celebrity Logan Paul is in Tromsø on Wednesday, and several young people are out in the dark in the hope of meeting the star. Photo: Michael Reaves / AP / NTB

The police have imposed a temporary traffic ban at the floating pier in the city center in concern for the safety of young people in the winter darkness.

– Congestion of young people can obviously be a dangerous situation. It is slippery and dark, and we do not want anyone to be injured, says Helberg.

Some of the young people are said to be down to 15 years old, and the police have encouraged parents in Tromsø to pick up their children.

– Bring the kids home, the message is on Twitter at 22 o’clock.

Youtube celebrity Logan Paul is visiting Norway during the day. On Tuesday, he was seen in Bergen, and several fans fulfilled the dream of meeting the star.

Also there, young people flocked to the city in search of Paul.

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