YouTube tests new feature to find the most important excerpts in a video

If you’ve ever been annoyed at wasting time watching a long video waiting for the moment of the snippet that’s important to you, be aware that this problem may have its days numbered. That’s because the YouTube is testing a new feature that helps you find in the video the most important excerpts.

In fact, the feature that’s in testing will let you watch the most watched parts of a video right from the progress bar. At the moment, only a few selected users can use the new feature, which is still being evaluated by the company.

In addition, the resource will not be exclusive to YouTube Premium subscribers.. The novelty has been released for a select group (and random) streaming service users. The resource is available both on the YouTube web version and in apps for smartphones or tablets.

How does the feature that helps you find important snippets of YouTube videos works?

For these users, the feature works as follows: by dragging the ball you use to go to the desired part of the video, it will be possible view waves on the bar of progress. The bigger the wave, the greater the number of times this stretch was seen and reviewed by viewers, which suggests that it is more important at that time.

Hopefully, the resource can help a lot those who watch the lives videos, for example, which can be hours long. The new feature allows the person responsible for the video not to have to mark the important parts in the description or in the comments.

The user can observe the elevations in the graph to know what were the main moments of the video and not waste time watching what is not important to him.

If you are interested in having access to this resource, unfortunately there is no way to choose to be part of testes do YouTube. It is important to keep the app up to date on the Play Store and App Store to receive as soon as it is released to the public.

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