Yu Suzuki wants you to buy his Virtua Fighter NFTs

Yu Suzuki wants you to buy his Virtua Fighter NFTs

Despite the fact that the world’s players seem to be united behind the mantra that NFT and crypto are nonsense, there are still some individuals and companies who persistently try to mint money on what is basically just a castle in the air. Legendary game creator Yu Suzuki is the latest in line to jump on the bandwagon and in collaboration with Oasyx has now proudly announced the creation of 1000 Virtua Fighter NFTs. Something that is apparently also planned to be one of the cornerstones of an upcoming metaverse project where they will be able to function as avatars for the users. In a brief statement, Suzuki said the following:

“I’m delighted to combine innovative technology in the form of blockchain-based NFTs, with three titles from the Virtua Fighter series”

Here at the editorial office, we collectively roll our eyes at the whole spectacle and guess that it will flop just as violently as many other similar NFT projects.

You don’t want to invest in some insanely expensive jpegs?

“Come on, buy my digital photos”.

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