Yvan Attal: why he wanted to work with Charlotte Gainsbourg and their son on his last film

Guest in Day-to-day this Wednesday, November 24, Yvan Attal explained why he chose to entrust the main roles of his last film Human things to his partner Charlotte Gainsbourg and their son Ben Attal.

Yvan Attal is back with his seventh film as a director. Entitled Human things and available in theaters from Wednesday, December 1, this feature film features Ben Attal and Charlotte Gainsbourg in the roles of a young man accused of rape and his mother. A second experience in threesome cinema for the filmmaker, his partner and their son, who have already played together in My stupid dog. Several months after presenting this new film at the Venice Film Festival, Ben and Yvan Attal were today the guests of Yann Barthès in Day-to-day. The opportunity to discover the reasons which pushed the director to choose the one who shares his life and their eldest child as headliners.

We cast the people we love and I love them

Yvan Attal did not hesitate for long before entrusting the main roles of his latest project to Charlotte Gainsbourg and their son Ben. “They are actors for me. […] I had toured with Ben on My stupid dog, we both had a scene where he touched me a lot and I wanted to start over“, he first explained. And to continue about his companion:”I said to myself : ‘Who better than his mother to play his mother?’ And I was right. There are things that happen between them in the movies, there is emotion. She says it herself. Seeing her son in a box in court, it gave her something. In fact, I caste them like I caste the other actors. We cast the people we love and I love them.”

Yvan Attal “super demanding“according to Charlotte Gainsbourg

However, filming with the family is not easy. In a recent interview with Figaro, Charlotte Gainsbourg confided in her difficulties in playing under the direction of her companion, whom she describes as a director “super demanding“. “Yvan knows exactly what he wants. It’s great, but it’s… blunt. Even though I’ve been in this trade for a long time, I’m still very vulnerable on a set, so I steer clear, she said. We haven’t found a peaceful way to work together yet. Or maybe it’s a mode of operation …

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