Zambrano on Advíncula's 'retirement': "I told her mother to react"

Zambrano on Advíncula’s ‘retirement’: “I told her mother to react”

Carlos Zambrano spoke with Diario Trome after the painful defeat against Australia, which left us without the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The “León” was honest about a conversation he had with his partner Luis Advíncula.

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And it is that the ‘Rayo’ did not have a good time. He missed one of the penalties in the decisive shootout against the ‘socceroos’, something that plunged him into deep sadness. This led him to rush and announce his “retirement” from the Peruvian team on his networks.

I read his message and spoke to him with strong words, I think I even lied to his mother to make him react. I told him: ‘Don’t blame yourself, this belongs to everyone, we are a group’ “Zambrano reported in dialogue with Trome.

In this way, Zambrano sought to comfort his teammate, not only from the national team but also from the club, since they both play for Boca Juniors in Argentina.

Zambrano: “I never fought with André Carrillo”

The national defender denied the versions that surrounded the media about a fight with André Carrillo after the game.

“We are very good friends, it is incredible how easy it is to invent something like this to confuse people”he expressed.

“The locker room was a graveyard. It hurt people so much, imagine how those of us who put our chests were”he added.



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