Zazie explains why she lets her white hair show

For some years, Zazie has traveled a lot on TV sets, and we have more rarely heard her exercise her historic profession, singer. And for good reason, the interpreter of Zen remains one of the most emblematic coaches of The Voice. As a reminder, she joined the fourth season of TF1 tele-hook in 2015, alongside Jenifer, Mika and Florent Pagny. The singer, who took her daughter on tour when she was a baby, is back for seasons 5, 6 and 7 and the All Stars season. After judging the other artists, it was time for her to take care of her own music. What she did with the album Essential released on September 7, 2018. The one that will be found in the next season of the show hosted by Nikos Aliagas was then discreet, especially during the pandemic, and last September it announced that a new opus devoted “to the world according to“was now on its way.

Zazie signs her return to the song

Everything I did, what I wrote was very post-trauma or in full trauma. ‘It’s not okay, we’re all going to die, etc.’ So I want to release an album that aims a bit for the light,” she said on RFM. On June 27, this devotee of the Enfoirés tour gave another good news to her fans on her Instagram account. “I’m currently on my clip, hence the decor which is falling apart. The clip for my next single called ‘que je vous dis pas’ which will be released ‘je ne vous dire pas’ but who will come out but very soon, I tell you, like very soon, like yesterday, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, Hi. The singer revealed at the same time a little hairstyle changenow showing a few white streaks. guest of Daily this September 23, on the occasion of the release of his EP THE Pwith the first single let in shineZazie was questioned by Yann Barthès about this.

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The singer opens up about criticism around her white locks

It’s quite curious how she makes people talk (…) There is something questioning about this society for women, it is that, whether in the nice or the most bizarre, the comments that have come to me c ‘was ‘She’s aged but she’s still nice‘. Yes, I can assure you, I have indeed aged, it’s normal, it’s mechanical, every year”, tackled Zazie, before citing another recurring remark she heard. “The other thing that’s even weirder is For a woman, she does not look her age despite her white hair“, reports the singer. And to continue:I have the impression that we find that men with gray hair are pretty handsome kids and that we don’t talk about it or little, and that for a woman, it’s a subject, when it is not one”, she complains. Zazie then explains her choice: “It’s true that the Covid helped me a lot to no longer have dye, and to tell myself I’m going to let these things grow and we’ll see what happens. And then time flies… It’s also one of the freedoms of getting older, it’s to start worrying less about the image we send back and comments“, she concluded.

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