ZDF broadcast: "Markus Lanz": These guests are on the show on Wednesday

Markus Lanz talks to his guests about current topics three times a week. Which guests are on the talk show on Wednesday.

  • Markus Lanz moderates one of the most successful talk shows on German TV
  • The moderator welcomes politicians, celebrities, journalists and experts to ZDF three times a week
  • Which guests are there on Wednesday evening?

Politicians, journalists and experts discuss a wide variety of topics: Many – sometimes more, sometimes less – prominent people are regularly Guest in the ZDF talk show “Markus Lanz”. The moderator talks to you about current events, but also takes up private topics.

Markus Lanz invites you to his talk round three times a week. ZDF publishes who is a guest on the show on the respective day in the afternoon before the show. In the evening, the program is then recorded a few hours before it is broadcast.

“Markus Lanz”: These guests will be there on Wednesday

  • Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (FDP), politician
  • Florence Gaub, analyst from the European Union Institute for Security Studies
  • Claudia Kemfert, energy economist
  • Wolfgang Weimer, publisher of the magazine “The European”

The talk show has been one of the most successful on German television for years. According to the media expert Bernd Gäbler, the program has undergone a clear change: while tabloid topics used to be discussed, the editors now focus primarily on hard political topics. (fmg)

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