ZDF-Talk: "Markus Lanz": These are his guests on Thursday evening

Markus Lanz speaks to his guests about current topics three times a week. Here you can read which guests will be there on Thursday.

  • Markus Lanz moderates one of the most successful talk shows in Germany with his program
  • He receives politicians and journalists as well as various experts and celebrities three times a week
  • Read here which guests will be on ZDF for “Markus Lanz” on Thursday evening

Politicians, journalists, experts on a wide variety of topics: Many – more or less – prominent people are regular too guest in the ZDF talk show “Markus Lanz”. The moderator talks to you about current events, but also takes up private topics.

Markus Lanz invites you to his panel discussion three times a week. If you are a guest on the show on the day, the ZDF publishes it in the afternoon before the show. In the evening, the show is recorded a few hours before it is broadcast.

“Markus Lanz”: These guests will be there on Thursday:

  • Helge Braun, politician (CDU), head of the Chancellery
  • Andreas Bovenschulte, politician (SPD), Mayor of Bremen
  • Robin Alexander, journalist (“World”)
  • Susanne Schreiber, biophysicist

The talk show by presenter Markus Lanz has been one of the most successful on German television for years. And according to media expert Bernd Gäbler, it has been changing lately: Lanz is increasingly talking to his guests about politics instead of shallow boulevard topics. (fmg)

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