ZEIT ONLINE and the German Children’s Association win the dpa-infografik award 2021

25.11.2021 – 18:22

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Berlin (ots)

ZEIT ONLINE’s Corona dashboard wins this year’s dpa-infografik award in the “News Media” category. As early as February 2020, the team showed where corona infections were found in Germany. The dashboard quickly became a standard for presenting important pandemic key figures in a compact and up-to-date manner. In the “Companies, Institutions, NGOs, Authorities and Foundations” category, the Deutsche Kinderverein eV prevailed. The infographic shows injuries in children that indicate abuse. After a year of pandemic pause, dpa-infografik, as a subsidiary of Germany’s largest news agency, has put out the award again. Main theme 2021: The corona pandemic.

“The development of the corona numbers continues to dominate the news and thus also the world of graphics,” says Raimar Heber, art director at dpa-infografik and initiator of the award. “A pandemic situation is extremely complex. Infographics have a special meaning here: They make visible which information is actually important. They show developments and relationships that are highly relevant for people,” continues Raimar Heber.

“I was pleased how deeply so many submissions went into the medical topic and how successfully they conveyed the information,” said juror Leif Erik Sander, head of the research group for infection immunology and vaccine research at Charité Berlin. In order to do justice to the complex topic of Corona in every facet, the award jury was expanded to include an expert from medicine who does not deal with infographics full-time.

“Outstanding and elaborate infographics are in most cases a team effort,” said Frank Rumpf, managing director of dpa-infografik and a juror. “Depth of detail, creativity and storytelling have an impact far beyond the day of the first publication. This year, the strength of digital work was particularly evident, which can always be adapted to the pandemic and retain its relevance for news,” Rumpf continued.

The awards were presented this evening as part of a digital event to which around 100 guests tuned in. The dpa-infografik award was announced for the first time in 2008.

The placements

Category 1: Infographics on the subject of Corona in news media

1st place



Link: http://dpaq.de/k0apq


Paul Blickle, Fabian Dinklage, Christian Endt, René Engmann, Elena Erdmann, Carla Grefe-Huge, Moritz Klack, Matthias Kreienbrink, Andreas Loos, Maria Mast, Christopher Pietsch, David Schach, Julian Stahnke, Julius Tröger, Sascha Venohr

place 2

Southgerman newspaper

“The PCR test – on the hunt for the virus”


Sarah Unterhitzenberger (infographic designer), Felix Hütten (editor)

place 3

The daily mirror

“How the Corona Virus Affects the Body”

Link: http://dpaq.de/OGO4q


Jens Drößiger, Michael Gegg, Manuel Kostrzynski, Hendrik Lehmann, David Meidinger, Helena Wittlich

Category 2: Infographics on the subject of Corona from companies, institutions, NGOs, authorities, foundations and similar institutions

1st place

Deutscher Kinderverein eV

“It can not be what may not be!”

Link: http://dpaq.de/xHwIU


Rainer Rettinger (Managing Director Deutscher Kinderverein eV), Tom Becker (Agency Dialogbild), Dr. Saskia Etzold (Senior Physician / Deputy Medical Director of the Violence Protection Outpatient Clinic at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin)

place 2

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna – Department for Public Relations (VETMED Magazin)

“Vaccine Development in Veterinary Medicine”

Link: http://dpaq.de/1WQvN (Pages 12 + 13)


Stephanie Scholz (text and editing), Matthias Moser (illustrations and graphics)

Technical input: Armin Saalmüller (Head of the Institute for Immunology), Michael Hess (Head of the University Clinic for Poultry and Fish), Jessika-M. Cavalleri (Head of Clinical Department for Internal Medicine Horses)

place 3

Not forgiven.


– Lea Berndorfer, freelance illustrator

– Ferdinand Kuchlmayr, Head of Graphics and Interactive, DER SPIEGEL

– Prof. Christine Ritz, professor for communication strategy and conception, Stuttgart Media University

– Frank Rumpf, managing director of dpa-infografik

– Leif Erik Sander, head of the research group for infection immunology and vaccine research at Charité Berlin.

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