Zemmour sues “Closer” for article on alleged pregnancy of his advisor

The far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour as well as his advisor Sarah Knafo have summoned the people magazine “Closer”, which publishes this Friday, November 26, photographs of Sarah Knafo pregnant and claims that Eric Zemmour is the father of the child .

Who is Sarah Knafo, the enarque in the shadow of Eric Zemmour?

Their lawyers Olivier Pardo and Simon Olivennes pleaded, without success, the ban on publication of the magazine for the number on newsstands this Friday, Thursday at the Paris judicial court, again according to the weekly.

Zemmour fails to prevent publication of “Closer”

In its number published on Friday, the celebrity magazine headlines in one “He will be a dad in 2022”, on a photo of the polemicist walking in the street, arm in arm with his advisor.

“You can never be too careful”: Eric Zemmour, a campaign already under very high security

Thursday, Sarah Knafo’s lawyer had subpoenaed “Closer” to urgently obtain the ban of this number. But this request was ruled inadmissible by the court, which ruled that Sarah Knafo had not presented “No objective evidence relating to the article and its content” allowing“Establish publication in the magazine Closer to be published on November 26, 2021 of an article which would undermine the respect due to the privacy of the applicant’s private life ”, with the exception of an SMS warning her of the publication of this number, according to the judgment consulted by AFP.

“Ignominious, villainous, disgusting”

“Whatever happens, always and everywhere, I will jealously, fiercely defend my privacy and that of my loved ones. Public life, yes. Voyeurism, no. Sorry for the perverts ”, reacted the polemicist this Friday morning on his Twitter account.

Asked earlier in the morning on BFMTV, Eric Zemmour’s lawyer Olivier Pardo judged that the front page of “Closer” was “Ignominious, villainous, disgusting”, and wore “An abject invasion of privacy” and did not show “Journalistic ethics”.

The magazine also defended itself on BFMTV this morning, claiming to have verified the information. “We heard about this rumor, […] we contacted sources around the Zemmour couple and we had formal confirmation of this pregnancy ”, said the editor-in-chief of “Closer” Benjamin Dargent on the 24-hour news channel.

“It’s nobody’s business”

For the celebrity journalist, “Zemmour voters, who are more conservative, may be interested in seeing the shift [entre] the speech he carries [et] the man he is ”. “It is extremely serious to ask for the seizure of a newspaper, especially when the request comes from a journalist”, had also argued the magazine people with the “Point”.

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Eric Zemmour has since filed a complaint and according to ” the Parisian Sarah Knafo should do the same in the coming days for breach of privacy.

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In the summons that “Le Point” was able to consult, neither Éric Zemmour nor Sarah Knafo dispute the information they wish to censor. On BFMTV this Friday morning, Eric Zemmour’s lawyer did not answer the question either. ” We do not care […] nobody’s business ”, he replied to presenter Bruce Toussaint.

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