ZeratoR: "We are sure to do these three things in 2023"the future of ZEvent and other streamer events

news culture ZeratoR: “We are sure to do these three things in 2023”, the future of ZEvent and other streamer events

ZeratoR returned to certain aspects that he wishes to change in his events, and on the future of ZEvent, ZLAN and Trackmania on his channel.

The streamer ZeratoR took his few days off annual post-ZEvent last week, before come back live on Twitch on Sunday evening. The opportunity for him to discuss the future of the world’s largest charity event on Twitchand other events that it organizes and that punctuate the French Twitch calendar.

“The ZEvent was more like a Paris Games Week”

the ZEvent was born in 2016 and has been held every year since, beating his record every time fundraising. For some years now, ZeratoR, Dach and the teams that accompany them (ZQSD Productions) wanted to change the formula. After having broke a new record with the ZEvent 2022 (10,182,126 euros for the benefit of associations aiming to protect the environment), we knew that it would be the last edition in this form. The streamer returned to the reasons for this desire to change. In particular, the popularity of the ZEvent was beginning to bring back a lot of people who were parasitizing the eventcame there to watch, to be part of it, without really being an actor.

ZeratoR (reading his cat): “Must not lose this closeness”? Ah, well indeed! The goal is more to return to proximity. Because the, the ZEvent from an internal point of view, looked more like a Paris Games Week only at a ZEvent! (laughs) No, but there are a lot of things that we would like to rework in the organization, but if there is one thing we want to change is that there are too many people!

So, I’m not even necessarily talking about the number of streamers, I’m talking about the number of people related to the event. Number of people who didn’t give a damn about ZEVENT and who ended up there … it broke our balls a bit with Dach. That’s it, now we have to say things huh! It’s moving, all that, we all hug each other at the end, it’s great eh … but hey it still breaks the balls a little, eh!

You make tables for the streamers to eat, for our staff to eat, and then you have people who are there… From time to time there were staff people who worked with us for the ZEvent, who said “Who are those people over there?”. I was like “listen, I don’t know, but overall if you see someone who isn’t a streamer, doesn’t have a laptop or doesn’t have a cam or camera, that’s someone one who doesn’t give a fuck here, and who managed to scratch an invite.” By I don’t know who, I don’t know by where, and it’s people who… it sucks, ok? Or people we couldn’t refuse, because you understand, propriety means that we are obliged to invite them! (laughs) That’s it, but they don’t give a damn! But they want to be there, this is what we call “Wannabe”! People who are there, like that, they cross their arms, they are “Ohlala, what an event anyway!”. And then they pass people, and say “Oh, it’s still good, huh? Oh, it’s a crazy event! Oh yeah…”

And there you ask me, “but who are you talking about?”. But in fact, these are just people you don’t know! people who are not not public figures. Friends of thing … acquaintances of thing … people who work at thing, and so if we said to them “no, you can’t come”, well that sucked, they were going to be upset, we didn’t want to upset them. (with an increasingly annoyed sarcastic tone) And then we said to ourselves “go ahead, since it’s the last ZEvent, you know what? We just have to say yes to them all! And there you go, next year we’ll be in a garage, and then we’ll be six! And then we’ll go back like geeks playing on our own…” (cuts off) Huh? No, but anyway. It’s like, you know, when you unfriend someone on Facebook. you haven’t talked in ten years, but the person is still going to come and see you like, “We’re not friends anymore, right?” like I’m kind of sorting out…”. “No, but we’re not friends anymore, is that it?”. Well, it’s the SAME THING! There you go. So we’ll see what happens. ..

ZeratoR: "We are sure to do these three things in 2023"the future of ZEvent and other streamer events

In an other reply to her cathe affirms that the next ZEvent will raise fewer donations than the latter, with certainty.

On the next ZEvent, it will make less than ten million! That’s for sure. We’ll do it personally. Well, that I can say. I don’t know yet how, why, but I know it’s sure and certain. I have a few ideas… “Is it a challenge?”. Oh no, no, it’s… reliable information.

In 2023: ZLAN, Trackmania and ZEvent

After explaining the reason for the desire for change for ZEvent, ZeratoR continues, stating that he is certain that three events will take place next yeareven if they will be different: ZLAN, Trackmania and ZEvent.

ZeratoR (reading his cat): “Oh the leak”? (with a smile) Ohlala, the leak, we will only be six, right? No, I do not think so. I think we will be more than six at the next ZEvent ! No, but there is nothing established honestly.

And you know, even for ZLAN, even for Trackmania – I’m not saying “the Trackmania Cup”, I’m just saying “Trackmania” – ZLAN, Trackmania, ZEventThose are the three events we want to renew for 2023. We are sure to do these three things in 2023. But we have no idea how we are going to do them. And we forced ourselves to give yourself a little time to think about this together. Well, after events like the ZLAN, if you want to do them between February and May, as is always the case, you shouldn’t think too much about it in February either! But, here, it will be necessary to think about it, and then it advances, it will happen!

ZeratoR: "We are sure to do these three things in 2023"the future of ZEvent and other streamer events

So expect to review the ZLAN in a few months, in a different format as it had already announced after the previous edition. As a reminder, this is a multi-game LAN, bringing together streamers, amateurs and a few professional players. Exactly, some regretted the increasingly important professionalization of the event, leaving fewer places for others when it was above all to be a competition “for fun”. This is probably where things will change in ZLAN 2023.

On the side of Trackmania, we don’t know exactly what he’s talking about. Since it is obviously not not necessarily from a Trackmania Cup, would the streamer prepare a new event around Nadeo’s game? We know that Trackmania Games will be organized in France (after the somewhat off-topic message from the president, who announced eSport events on the sidelines of a charity event dedicated to ecology, at the end of the ZEvent), but they are announced for 2024. So it seems that ZeratoR has another competition in mind for Trackmania in 2023.

Finally, among the streamer’s latest announcements, let’s note a sponsorship for his eSport team. In effect, Mandatory.GG is the Valorant team supported by ZeratoR. Yesterday he made some announcements about the team. First of all, newcomers with the players Babax and TheBigFiz, which joins HyP, Goaster, Akuma, Menegh and Creativ within Mandatory. In addition, a somewhat unusual announcement: the team Mandatory will now be sponsored by Flunch ! The famous restaurant franchise was an opportunity for a little recurring joke in recent weeks between ZeratoR, Fred from Joueur du Grenier and their comrades of the Monday evenings on Twitch (among others Antoine Daniel, Angle Droit, Mynthos, Baghera Jones, Horty Underscore, MisterMV, Lunatic, Etoiles, etc …). With this sponsor, it seems that streamers won’t have too much trouble eating at Flunch together

ZeratoR: "We are sure to do these three things in 2023"the future of ZEvent and other streamer events

Pictures : Chloe Ramdani

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See you at the beginning of 2023 to find out more about the form that ZLAN 2023 will take, and possibly a Trackmania event and the ZEvent.

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