ZhongAn Technology established Zhongzhi Cyber ​​Security Joint Co-Creation Laboratory to explore new forms of cyber security

my country’s first special law on data security, the Data Security Law, came into effect on September 1.

In the digital economy era, it is undeniable that big data makes our lives more convenient, but because there is an invisible “hand” collecting personal information at all times, this convenience loses the sense of security. Consumers exposed in the online world need someone to answer: Who can protect our privacy? As the country attaches importance to data security, this question may find an answer.

On November 26, ZhongAn held an open day cyber security special session, and conducted an in-depth discussion on the theme of “Talking Together on Cyber ​​Security Innovation Ecology”. At the meeting, ZhongAn Technology announced the establishment of the Zhongzhi Cyber ​​Security Joint Co-creation Laboratory, and awarded the licenses to the first batch of laboratory member units Qingteng Cloud Security, Yanhuang Data, and Hongtu Technology. ZhongAn Technology will work with member units to explore new formats and models of the industry through a combination of “technology + security + insurance”, including cyber security insurance service supply chain ecology, service innovation, technology co-construction, market innovation, exploration and integration, etc. Carry out better and more in-depth cooperation; at the same time, in the external services of data security and information security-related products, we can also conduct in-depth cooperation, jointly integrate solutions, and create mature and standardized products for external services.

Kang Desheng, Chief Technology Officer of ZhongAn Insurance and Chief Executive Officer of ZhongAn Technology (left) and Li Shuang, Executive Deputy Director of Shanghai Computer Software Evaluation Key Laboratory (right) jointly unveiled the laboratory

Kang Desheng, Chief Technology Officer of ZhongAn Insurance and CEO of ZhongAn Technology, said: “In 2021, ZhongAn will give full play to its’insurance + security’ ecological capabilities, driven by technological security, and continue to upgrade and integrate its insurance business and cyber security advantages. , From basic security to providing customers with network security technology architecture and solutions in various security digital fields from design planning, technical verification, optimal investment to landing operation. This time the establishment of a joint co-creation laboratory, we are opening up our own technical capabilities At the same time, partners and industry participants are also welcome to join us and become members of the laboratory to achieve win-win cooperation.”

It is reported that ZhongAn Technology has been committed to technological investment and business innovation in the field of network security, and has successively launched the network security solution GuardIt and the data security solution LOCKet for different scenarios and security needs of enterprises. The establishment of the joint co-creation laboratory provides a more professional cultivation base for ZhongAn Technology’s technological innovation, and innovatively launched the insurance-based security risk management operation service Insured MRS (Managed Risk Service), which is linked to insurance Companies and security companies provide inclusive and secure services through large-scale and centralized risk management.

Insurance-based security risk management operation service Insured MRS system

Among them, for security junior enterprises, provide an integrated network security compliance product GuardIt AllInOne and one-stop security compliance construction, security risk management and network security insurance services; for more mature security enterprises, provide a customizable security risk management product GuardIt ROC , Customize insurance-based security risk operation custody services. Both products have industry-leading technical capabilities. Based on cloud-native security logs, terminal EDR logs, threat intelligence, rule engines, machine learning and other technologies are used to accurately detect relevant intrusions in the network. At the same time, a team of security experts will provide enterprises with 7X24-hour security analysis services, and timely block attack threats based on the big data platform.

Through innovative delivery and service models, ZhongAn Technology will provide enterprises with insurance-based security risk management and operation services to enhance their risk confrontation capabilities in the digital economy era.

Hardening is the potential consensus of technology companies. Qin Feng, Business Director of ZhongAn Technology Innovation Division, introduced: “ZhongAn Technology has undergone long-term precipitation and accumulation in safety construction, including safety qualifications, level 3 certification, ISO27001 compliance, and software capability maturity certification. , The self-developed security products have also obtained corresponding sales licenses, and have served more than 40 customers. We have actively participated in the standard construction of the information security industry and the construction of the blockchain industry. We hope to be able to contribute to the industry’s network security While the insurance service ecosystem forms technical support, it also contributes to the industry’s network security development.”

At this open day special, ZhongAn Technology also stated that it will use the Zhongzhi Cyber ​​Security Joint Co-Creation Laboratory as the research “foundation” to launch cyber security insurance products, and protect the company’s security through independent third-party encryption and security audit capabilities. Data Security.

With the launch of insurance scenarios and the development of innovative technologies, ZhongAn Technology will play a set of “technology + security + insurance” combination punches in the field of data privacy security, bringing the industry a new experience of cyber security innovative insurance services under the development of the digital economy, and promoting the digitalization of the industry Transformation and do a good job of “insurance inclusiveness and safety inclusiveness”.

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