Fan conventions in a state of emergency

Although there is currently alert level II in Baden-Württemberg due to the corona pandemic, the Comic Con Stuttgart was able to take place on the exhibition grounds last weekend after the event was canceled the previous year. For trade fairs, the new ordinance that came into force shortly before even allowed implementation under 2G conditions

WebAssembly: Wasmer 2.1 enables Rust projects to be run in the browser

The Wasmer team has released version 2.1 of the Runtime for WebAssembly (Wasm). The update brings cross-platform support for WebAssembly applications, revises support for iOS and updates the LLVM compiler infrastructure. Update for Wasmer.js Wasmer-js has also received an update. It is a monorepo (monolithic repository), which contains several freely accessible JavaScript packages, with which

Dominic Calvert-Lewin would be perfect for Arsenal but Everton forward said to focus on adjustments

Calvert-Lewin appeared as an analyst on Sky while injured

Arsenal’s interest in Dominic Calvert-Lewin makes a lot of sense, but will only infuriate Everton supporters. That’s the point of view of talkSPORT hosts and former Scotland forwards Alan Brazil and Ally McCoist, who have urged the Toffees center-forward to focus on fitness. . Calvert-Lewin started the season in great shape According to The Times,

22% of Argentines used Fintech to access a first credit product

Fintech user profile

Most of the industry leaders have positive expectations for the development of the business in 2022. How is the profile of the Fintech user? The Fintech position themselves as an actor of great relevance and potential for financial inclusion, given that 22% of the people who accessed a first credit product In the last year,

Peng Shuai: Chinese people drill holes in censorship

Peng Shuai: Chinese people drill holes in censorship

In a message published online in early November, the champion spoke at length about her complicated relationship with former Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli and evoked a sexual relationship with him that she felt “forced“to accept. The text remained only a few minutes on the official account of the 35-year-old player on the Chinese social

“Women and the murderer”, Juguler le mal (e)

"Women and the murderer", Juguler le mal (e)

TéléObs.- What motivated you to revisit this famous affair once again? Patricia Tourancheau. – With Netflix, the challenge was to reexpose this story to make it understood by laypersons (especially foreign viewers), and to bring something new to it for those who know it by heart. This double challenge has prompted us to redefine the