How to add birthdays in Google Calendar

How to add birthdays in Google Calendar

It’s not easy to remember all the birthdays of family, friends and other acquaintances. Social networks help with this role, but it is also possible to use Google Calendar to receive notices about dates and not miss the opportunity to send congratulations.

With an integration with the Contacts app, Google Calendar can add and import birthdays for people saved in your phone’s list. However, the date needs to be entered manually in many cases and the function needs to be activated in the calendar application. Check step by step.

How to enter birthdays in the Contacts app

  1. Go to the Contacts app (Android) or enter no browser;
  2. Open one of the names in the list and tap the pencil icon to edit the information;
  3. Look for the “Important date” field and enter the person’s birthday;
  4. Tap “Save”. From that moment on, the contact card will also include the date of birth.

How to add contact birthdays to Google Calendar

  1. Open the Google Calendar app (Android | iOS) and tap the three dots icon in the upper left corner of the screen;
  2. In the menu, scroll down and press “Settings”;
  3. Then look for the option “Birthdays”;
  4. Choose a color for the events and activate the “Contacts” option;
  5. Then the app will load all the saved dates in the list and display as calendar events.

How to import birthdays from other sources into Google Calendar

If you have a list of birthdays in other calendar services like Outlook and Apple Calendar, you can import a file of all the events into Google Calendar.

The process is done by the browser, in, from the “Import” tab of the side menu. The platform accepts the URL of other calendars and files in iCal, ICS or CSV formats.

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