Make your CV in 5 minutes with ChatGPT, how does it work?

Writing a CV is one of the essential elements in the job search. However, the task can be particularly time-consuming and a lot of information contradicts itself on the web and the advice of recruiters. Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT can now help you with this oh so tedious task. In this article, we will explain how this free online application can help you refine your CV in just a few minutes.

Write resume summary with ChatGPT

Before involving ChatGPT, it is first necessary to use a pre-existing CV template. In particular, you can use an old CV, or rely on a database offered on Word, Google Docs, but also specialized online platforms such as Do You BuzzCanva, or even CVSMASH.

Another prerequisite is to create a ChatGPT account on the site. The procedure is very simple, and is completed in just a few seconds. Once these details are settled, we can start directly to handle the AI ​​on the CV.

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The first step is therefore to write a summary of the CV. This is the part, usually located at the top of the document, which briefly summarizes your professional career. You just have to ask ChatGPT directly to write it summarizing your journey. You can also copy and paste your text directly by asking him to rephrase it according to curriculum vitae standards.

Be careful, ChatGPT has no infused science, and its formulations are not always excellent, especially in French. It is therefore not really advisable to reproduce his writings in their entirety on your CV, and you can also modify them as you wish.

Refine CV wordings

Typically, resumes include work experience, skills, and education. This information is presented in the form of bullet points and tends to highlight the candidate’s journey to seduce recruiters.

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Once again, ChatGPT can help you. Let’s take a personal example, I asked the language model: “For my CV, can you make this information more attractive? “Writing articles on Tech topics”? Suggest several formulations ».

The AI ​​then complied and notably proposed: “Regular writing of informative and educational articles on cutting-edge Tech topics, for a passionate and demanding audience”or “Production of hard-hitting and accessible Tech articles, to inform and educate readers about the latest innovations. »

Without being perfect, you can therefore find new ideas and refine your CV, all very quickly, because ChatGPT only takes a few seconds to formulate its proposals. The whole thing will therefore only take you a few minutes, and if you are not convinced by the result, you can, for example, tell him not to exaggerate too much in the formulations, to make it shorter, or to use a term especially.

Note, and this is another aspect to consider. ChatGPT can act as an assistant or a personal coach for your CV. In particular, he may question you to find out how you want to organize this document and suggest highlighting certain information rather than others according to your profile.

To conclude, here is a tutorial to make a CV with ChatGPT:

1. Retrieve a pre-existing resume template.

2. Create an account on the OpenAI site.

3. Ask ChatGPT to help you create or edit your resume summary.

4. Use ChatGPT to create or modify your professional experiences, skills, and training sections.

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