Suspicions of corruption: a request to deny Morocco access to the European Parliament

Thirty MEPs are asking President Roberta Metsola to ban Moroccan diplomats from entering the European Parliament until the investigation sheds light on suspicions of corruption in the institution.

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Lhe Qatargate is also a Marocgate. Thirty MEPs have asked the President of the European Parliament to apply the same measures to Morocco as those against Qatar. “We believe that the European Parliament is not acting sufficiently on this extremely worrying scandal,” they wrote in a letter to Roberta Metsola. Qatari diplomats have been barred from entering the European Parliament pending the investigation, and parliamentarians are calling for a similar measure to be taken for Morocco.

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“We are facing a Moroccogate with deep and disturbing roots. We asked Metsola in a letter for the same thing as the resolution on human rights and freedom of the press in Morocco adopted at the last plenary session in Strasbourg: that the Moroccan diplomatic mission be denied access to the European Parliament for the duration of the investigation linked to the scandal of corruption and foreign influence”, declared Miguel Urbán, MEP (The Left), behind the initiative with Ana Miranda (Greens), to which replied MEPs from four groups (Left, Greens, S&D and Renew, as well as several non-attached members).

The request will be forwarded to the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament on Thursday. Suspicions of corruption in the European institution weigh on Qatar, but also Morocco and Mauritania.

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