A PS6 for 2028, we tell you everything about GPT-4, watch out for Xenophorm 3 malware, this is the recap of the week

A PS6 for 2028, we tell you everything about GPT-4, watch out for Xenophorm 3 malware, this is the recap of the week

Sony could abandon its PS5 Pro project, the new ChatGPT model is now available, malware is attacking your banking applications, this is the recap of the week.

A week full of recommendations: indeed, some banking applications and many smartphones are currently victims of hacker attacks. While Sony might jump straight to the PS6 without offering a PS5 Pro, automakers aren’t shy about lying about the endurance of their vehicles.

What is the real autonomy of electric vehicles?

Whether it’s Tesla, Renault, Citroën or Fiat, manufacturers often tend to announce false endurance figures. This is indeed one of the first criteria for consumers, and a survey recently carried out by UFC-Que Choisir reveals that manufacturers do not hesitate to greatly inflate the autonomy figures of their cars. Go to our dedicated news to discover the true capabilities of electric vehicles.

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Will the PS5 Pro see the light of day or will the project be abandoned?

According to some sources and Twitter posts, it seems that Sony has abandoned its PS5 Pro project. Indeed, the company would now focus on the PS6, which would be released in 2028. Until then, it is possible that Sony will also release a modular PS5, a next-gen console with a removable disk drive.

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Concept de PS5 Pro et PS5 Slim © LetsGoDigital
Concept de PS5 Pro et PS5 Slim © LetsGoDigital

Learn how to use GPT-4

ChatGPT’s new Open AI language model is now available. This is GPT-4, a new model of Chatbot that is more reliable, more creative and able to handle many more words and images than previous versions. To use GPT-4, you will need to subscribe to the paid version of ChatGPT, namely ChatGPT Plus, which will cost you around 22 euros. Do not hesitate to take a look at our dedicated news to find out how to subscribe.

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GPT-4 is available within ChatGPT © OpenAI
GPT-4 is available within ChatGPT © OpenAI

Xenomorph attacks French banks

Several banking institutions are currently victims of a new threat, called Xenomorph, recalling the name of the alien from the franchise. Alien. The malware attacks banking apps on your Android devices. Go to our dedicated news to find out the list of French banks targeted by the malware and find out how to protect yourself.

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Android banking malware
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Many security flaws endanger some smartphones

Be careful, if you have a Google Pixel, a Samsung Galaxy or any other smartphone equipped with Exynos modems, you could be hacked. Indeed, some models are currently affected by 18 security flaws that could allow hackers to take control of your device simply by using your phone number. To limit the risks, be sure to install the latest updates.

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pixel google hackers samsung phone number flaw
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Our tests of the week

Samsung Galaxy S23+: a true champion

Other than the lack of an AC adapter in the box and only 45W wired charging, we don’t have much to complain about the Galaxy S23+. This smartphone offers a very good display quality as well as excellent performance thanks to its Snapdragon processor. We love its great autonomy and we appreciate its IP68 certification. If you are looking for a good photophone, the S23+ could also appeal to you.

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Samsung Galaxy S23+ – Credit: Xavier Regord / Tom’s Guide

Zephirus M16 GU604: a high-end gaming PC that will delight gamers

With its high-end Raptor Lake processor and Nvidia graphics chip, rest assured that the ROG Zephirus M16 will have the power you need for your biggest games. During our test, we were pleasantly surprised by the audio quality, the almost infinite contrast ratio and the very efficient cooling system. We regret that the autonomy is so limited and we would have liked Asus to offer a fingerprint reader.

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Asus Zephyrus M16 GU604 – Credit: Xavier Regord / Tom’s Guide

Oppo Find N2 Flip: a serious competitor for Samsung’s Galaxy A Flip 4

Oppo offers here a folding smartphone with a design that is both elegant and robust. We love its large quality screen, its efficient hinge and its barely visible crease. Oppo offers four years of updates and hits hard with the Find N2 Flip which will compete with Samsung’s Z Flip. Please note, this smartphone is not waterproof and the fingerprint sensor is not practical.

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Oppo Find N2 Flip – Credit: Stéphanie Molinier / Tom’s Guide

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