"Goodbye Germany" star Caro Robens has his whole hand tattooed

“Goodbye Germany” star Caro Robens has his whole hand tattooed

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“Goodbye Germany” star Caro Robens paid the tattoo artist another visit. This time it was her left side’s turn. A huge head now adorns her hand.

Mallorca – Caroline “Caro” Robens (44) is known thanks to the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant format. The gym operator already has a number of tattoos adorning her body. But that’s apparently not enough – because the TV star has visited the tattoo artist again. This time it was her left hand’s turn.

Caro Robens takes fans to the tattoo artist

“Goodbye Germany” star Caro Robens takes her fans to the appointment via Instagram. “Well, now my hand is due. I’m super excited about the result,” writes the GYM owner on a photo of her standing in front of Studio Kratos. Tattoo artist Martin Danree can be seen at work in one of her Instagram stories.

It took him an hour and a half for this tattoo, explained husband Andreas (56), who filmed the whole thing. “This man is a machine,” he stated. A little later, emigrant Caro Robens presented the result to her fans: the face of Medusa can now be seen on the back of her hand.

Caro Robens had fans vote on the motif

This is a character from Greek mythology. She has snakes instead of hair and turns everything to stone with her gaze. “Preliminary result! Still swollen but super happy. Now cool a little and hold it up,” wrote the TV star for the photo of the tattoo.

Robens previously let her fans vote on which tattoo she should get. But like her the “Mallorca Newspaper” explained that in the end “none of the suggestions from the survey turned out to be good”. But the idea for the Medusa came from a fan. “A follower suggested the motif to me and it was love at first sight,” said the TV star. “I just think medusae are great and beautiful to look at.” However, the motif does not have a deeper meaning.

“Goodbye Germany” star Caro Robens has had her whole hand tattooed. © Instagram Caro Robens

Robens’ body is adorned with a number of tattoos. She doesn’t know how many she has in total. “They merge,” she explained to the newspaper. However, there is still room for more. “Buttocks, calves, torso, legs – I don’t even know where to start.”

Caro Robens has some tattoos

Her right leg is adorned with a tendril of flowers that reaches to her stomach. On the left is a portrait of an elderly woman and a man on her thigh. A giant dog’s head is hidden under her left arm. On the right side of his skull, Robens has a unicorn with a barbell and the word “Iron”, which means “iron” in German, engraved. A skull adorns her left forearm. A dragon is featured on the right shoulder – just to name a few of her body artworks.

Andreas and Caroline “Caro” Robens know viewers of the VOX program “Goodbye Germany”. The couple emigrated to Mallorca in 2010 and share a passion for tattoos and muscles. They run gyms and beauty salons there. In 2020, the two took part in the RTL program “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” and won.

Caro and Andreas Robens have no children and don’t want any either. The “Goodbye Germany” stars have now spoken about the reason. Sources used: Instagram, Mallorca newspaper

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