Misiones: how is the political model that has kept the Frente Renovador de la Concordia in power for more than 20 years

Misiones: how is the political model that has kept the Frente Renovador de la Concordia in power for more than 20 years

Carlos Rovira and Oscar Herrera Ahuad

Separating the strategic and tactical roles is the successful formula applied for 20 years by the Missionary Concord Renewing Front. Its other side is the war of personalities that equally deteriorates the Frente de Todos and Juntos por el Cambio.

The bids between Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner, and the tensions between Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich have a common background: the fight for the dominant position. This convulsed scenario within the two large political coalitions also blocks any possibility of communication between them. The only fisherman who wins in that troubled river is Javier Milei.

On the other hand, Misiones maintains a “balance scheme” that remains in force for 20 years. Countless times, the leadership of the red land has brought this idea to Buenos Aires, but with little success.

The worst and the best thing that happened to Carlos Rovirathe leader of the missionary Renewal, was the constituent election of 2006, when the possibility of modifying the local Magna Carta was closed to enable him a new mandate at the head of the province.

Thereafter, he moved away from the lights, flashes, and cameras and got into a position of strategic driver of space, a role that the unicameral missionary legislature exercises from the presidency of the House of Representatives. Four governors designated by him have already passed to the front of the administration. The actual, Oscar Herrera Ahuadwon in 2019 by 75% of the vote.

The division of roles is clear. The “thread” and the long-term lines are in the hands of Rovira. The daily management and decisions of government management correspond to the governor on duty. Neither one nor the other crosses the line.

Herrera Ahuad, Alberto Fernández, Hugo Passalacqua and Carlos Rovira in Misiones
Herrera Ahuad, Alberto Fernández, Hugo Passalacqua and Carlos Rovira in Misiones

Carlos Rovira in politics and Oscar Herrera in government. The Governor rules, makes decisions, is dedicated to management and institutional work. Politics is dedicated to space (the FRC). The Governor does not spend his time on the political problems that may arise,” the governor described in dialogue with infobae.

Later, he remarked: “For this, one has to get rid of egos. I am very clear since December 10, 2019 that my responsibility is to make government decisions. And the political decisions are made by the policy that has as its central axis the presidency and the leadership of the political space. The government goes one way and politics the other”.

“As governor, I have to give the tools to politics so that my space continues to govern. What are they? The management, the work and the fulfillment of the objectives. My responsibility now is to give our gubernatorial candidate (Hugo Passalacqua) all the elements so that you can campaign showing the management”, he pointed out.

“The first big decision is driving. A movement cannot be generated if there is no clear and credible leadership in its call. The Renovation summons Peronists, radicals, independents, people outside of politics”, explained Herrera Ahuad. The FRC is an identity that is built “above the crack” and beyond the national political preferences of its members, the president noted.

“We do not have a flag, nor a shield, a song or a march. Anyone can come,” she graphed.

“What the opposition counts in years, we count in objectives. If you say ‘they’ve been around for 20 years’ it’s one thing. But if it is argued that at that time the province got rid of a debt of two and a half products, it made a revolution in health, it is the spearhead of disruptive education to leave behind teaching with a blackboard and chalk, it is another ” , distinguished the Governor.

― Any simplification is bad, but is Rovira a sort of caudillo 2.0, adapted to current times?asked infobae.

― I don’t know if I would use the term caudillo. He is a person who has a logical thought that translates simply to explain it and put it into practice – replied Herrera Ahuad.

Rovira speaks little in public. Two or three times a year. One of those opportunities was at the inauguration of the Silicon Missionson Thursday of last week. They are extensive exhibitions, where he reviews situations, citing from memory authors and concepts such as frame (frame of mind) of George Lakoff, which allowed the Democrats to beat the Republicans and bring Barack Obama to the White House.

Herrera Ahuad with Eduardo "Wado" de Pedro
Herrera Ahuad with Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro

“For us, the way to solve the rift is a frontal attack on the ego. It is not necessary to allow the ego to enter the sack of the leadership. You have to be on the side of society, of the people, of tangible people. During all this difficult time, leadership and marketing conceptions (of politics) fell. That fiction does not run anymore ”, he affirmed.

In response to this medium’s inquiry as to whether the FRC model is exportable to other provinces or to the Nation, Rovira maintained: “If I respond from a light concept, it could be said in an election year that it is obviously transferable. It is what we are waiting for. We are training for that. But our mood and the time that we missionaries are living is what governs us, ”he clarified.

“We are an open and attentive space. I have contact with all Argentine politics. From the president, the ministers, the representatives of all the political parties. I’m not saying that we chat every day, but we have exchanged. And this reality (the missionary one), in fact, I have transmitted it ”, he pointed out.

“Misiones is in a fundamental transition of its history, that of continuing to strengthen this political space, this singularity, this anomaly, where neither Argentine laws nor the laws of national political parties govern us. It is governed by the dictum of the missionary. It is discussed here, in a permanent Cabildo and with our laws, ”he added.

The condition of possibility for this model to be transferable to the Argentine reality is that it be in missionary hands, Rovira reasoned. “I hope that in the short term missionaries fill this void in the Nation to resolve these pending issues. But with our words, with our vocation, with our program, ”he clarified.

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