"Nathalie cracks ...": Jean-Luc Reichmann displays his wife at the exit of the stadium after the match of the XV of France

“Nathalie cracks …”: Jean-Luc Reichmann displays his wife at the exit of the stadium after the match of the XV of France

This Saturday March 18, after the exceptional match of the Blues at the Six Nations Tournament, Jean-Luc Reichmann shone the spotlight on his companion Nathalie Lecoultre, in pain at the exit of the Stade de France…

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This Saturday, March 18, the French rugby team faced Wales at the annual Six Nations Tournament. And after long minutes of the match during which the tension was palpable, the Blues won the victory to the delight of the fans! Moreover, among the inveterate fans of oval ball sport, we find the flagship host of the first channel, Jean-Luc Reichmann. The presenter of 12 noon shots has never hidden his passion for rugby. Present at the Stade de France alongside his companion Nathalie Lecoultre, Jean-Luc Reichmann did not fail to congratulate the players as he should for this exceptional dispute. And if we trust the video that the host shared on his Twitter account, his sweetheart, too, is not about to forget this evening !

I can not stand it anymore…

Whether on his Instagram account or on his Twitter account, Jean-Luc Reichmann never misses an opportunity to interact with his fans. And the great rugby fan that he is was certainly not going to miss the opportunity to put the Blues in the spotlight, after their victory against Wales. Oval ball with the effigy of Toulouse in his hands and stars in his eyes, it was on leaving the stadium where the sports meeting was held that the presenter filmed himself and proudly declared: “That’s it, France won!“Before calling out to his companion, Nathalie Lecoultre, in the distance:”Alright, did you like this match?“But the latter could not express her joy since her thoughts were elsewhere.”my feet hurt too much. (…) I can not stand it anymore… I wanted to look pretty and not wear sneakers but… she sighed, barefoot in the middle of the street, her heels in her hand.

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Nathalie cracks…

Jean-Luc Reichmann could not contain his laughter for long. And on the side of Internet users, even if compassion was felt, some were also amused by the situation! “Jean-Luc, Nathalie’s poor feet are going to need a good massage“, “I pity Natalie“, “We have to take care of Nathalie tonight so that she forgets her painful feet“, “Jean-Luc, you had to carry Nathalie“, we could read in the comments.

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