This is Doctor Mark Hyman's rejuvenating diet: he is 63 years old and looks 20 years younger thanks to what he eats

This is Doctor Mark Hyman’s rejuvenating diet: he is 63 years old and looks 20 years younger thanks to what he eats

To be younger than you really are, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and rely on certain habits, such as food, which, together, contribute to skin health in an important way.

Within this lifestyle, the importance of hydration is highlighted. Daily water consumption is essential for the skin to stay fresh and healthy. For this reason, we must ensure that we drink enough water, according to our needs.

This is the case of Mark Hyman, a 63-year-old man who looks 20 years younger thanks to a diet that he has published in books all over the world and praised by personalities like Will Smith and Hugh Jackman, as he publishes Men’s Health.

Abandon the restrictive diet and other infallible keys to maintain muscle mass after 50

In reality, the diet guided by doctor Mark Hyman is not so surprising. What is remarkable is having the courage to take responsibility for improving your physical and health status.

Doctor Mark Hyman’s Rejuvenating Diet

For example, recommend natural foods and avoid ultra-processed foods to incorporate vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and fiber that stimulate the immune system, optimize the microbiome, help with your energy and the connections between all the body’s functions.

These are the exercises you should do from 70 years onwards, in addition to walking daily

Doctor Hyman himself is the master of what he preaches and for him he habitually shares his diet so that anyone can follow his example of keeping young inside and out while passing the inexorable time.

One of the questions in which he has insisted that three quarters of what he has in his usual diet are vegetables and fruits, which helps to maintain a low glycemic index. In addition, his little secret is that at this 75% of the usual food the best thing is to vary colors because this assumes that there are balanced contributions on your plate.

Another of the options that the doctor of eternal youth recommends is combining food according to its origin. Indeed, he points out that the best would be a 75% of plant-based foods and the remaining 25% of animal sources.

The exercise: key complement to keep young

Incorporating some type of physical activity into our daily routine, adapted to personal characteristics, prevents overweight and obesity. In addition, exercise is associated with the production of hormones that provide a feeling of well-being, reducing stress and helping to reconcile sleep.

Carrying out aerobic activities such as running, swimming or cycling, yoga or pilates are an option. The best potential will be obtained by adding exercises that involve greater use of strength such as training with weights.

Physical training and mobility have multiple benefits for older adults, such as increased cardiopulmonary resistance, skeletal muscle resistance, strength, mobility, coordination, increased response speed, improved homeostasis and adaptation to external stimuli.

If you follow these five steps, you can reduce the progressive loss of muscle mass from 40 years old

There are also routines that can be performed from home, which can sometimes be performed in a few minutes.

When asked about your food base before training, remember that you start the morning with a coffee and after exercise opt for a smoothie to recover energy that includes healthy fats and nutrients from chia, hemp and red fruits.


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