54 wake up in Cerecito for drunk driving

54 wake up in Cerecito for drunk driving

Juarez City.- This weekend, 54 drunk drivers were detected and removed from circulation, in different interventions carried out for the commission of some violation of the road regulations, informed the Operations Director of the General Coordination of Road Safety, Víctor Daniel Mejía.

The commander pointed out that on Friday a total of 16 drivers who were in an inconvenient state were taken off the road, on Saturday 14 were arrested and in the first six hours of Sunday another 24 were arrested, including five women.

Of that amount, 50 were taken to Cerecito to serve a sentence of 24 and up to 36 hours, four were taken before the Public Ministry, for having caused damage in crashes that they caused due to their recklessness.

During this year, just over 650 people have been arrested for driving while intoxicated, the Operations Director reported.

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