Council commissions are launched and a key position changes hands

With the legislative year underway, the councilors of La Plata will start this week the formal work in the 13 permanent commissions that work in the body permanently. The first to meet is the Planning Commission, where the Juntos councilor, Lucía Barbier, will debut as president, replacing Javier Mor Roigwho has been on leave since January.

Barbier came to the council in 2021 and is the sister of the secretary of Public Works of the municipality, louis barberone of the officials of the trusted circle -called “black palate”- of the mayor Julio Garro. The Planning, Urbanism and Land Commission is key since all projects related to urban development, public land, execution of all infrastructure works and private works in general pass through it. It is there where the modifications to the Urban and Territorial Planning Code (COUT)the mother ordinance that regulates the use of land in the city and that, year after year, is modified by the ruling party through new rezonings that generate harsh confrontations with the Frente de Todos.

Until December, Planning was chaired by Javier Mor Roig. But the mayor requested leave from his bench since January to assume functions on the board of the Water Authority (ADA) and, with his departure from the Council, the position on the commission became vacant. Mor Roig’s replacement opened an internal dispute in Juntos that Barbier ended up winning. They also sought to occupy that chair the councilor Belén Muñozreferenced with senator John Paul Allanand the mayor Lucas Lascoursfrom the kidney of the President of the Council, Dario Ganduglia. Barbier has already called the first meeting for this Monday at 9 am.


The rest of the Council commissions will also begin to get underway in these days and there will be no changes in the conduct of each one. The ruling party occupies eight and the Frente de Todos commands five, according to the political agreement that was sealed a year ago with the new conformation of the deliberative.

The commission of Legislation, Interpretation and Regulation will continue to be chaired by the councilor Lucas Lascourswhile Treasury, Budget and Accounts will continue in the hands of the mayor Carla Fernandez.

Meanwhile, Romina Cayón will lead Public Safety and Human Rights and Federico Molla, Public Works and Services. In Children and Adolescents will follow Veronica Rivas; in Turismo the concilor Juan Manuel Garmendia and in Healththe councilor Raquel Krakower.

The opposition will also keep the same places as in 2022. The commission of Transport and Transit will continue to be under the presidency of the massista Facundo Albini; while Culture, Education and Sport will continue to be chaired by Sabrina Bastida; y Environment and Quality of Life by the former judge Luis Arias. Guillermo “Nano” Cara will lead the committee Local Development, Industry and Productionand the councilor Cynthia Mansilla will continue to lead Equity and Gender.

What remains to be defined is which commissions the brand new councilor will integrate Julia Matheoswho took over from Mor Roig in the first ordinary session of the year.

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