Celebrated premiere

Celebrated premiere

The Bartholomäberg theater group caused a lot of laughs with the comedy “Pure Nature”.

The community hall in Bartholomäberg was filled to capacity when the Bartholomäberg theater group performed their play “Pure Nature” after a two-year break. And one thing straight away: director Andrea Bitschnau had done an excellent job and prepared all the amateur actors for their roles in the best possible way. In the comedy, sprightly Grandma Maria, aka Margret Kessler, wants to celebrate her 70th birthday with her family in her cabin in the woods. The family members are not exactly enthusiastic about it, they would much rather be in a chic restaurant, a coffee or simply at Grandma Maria’s.

And as different as the ideas of the three children are, so are their character traits. While the somewhat simple-minded son Rudi, alias Markus Frick, is simply interested in good food, daughter Martha – played by Tamara Kehrer – wants to save wherever possible. After all, as a military woman, she is used to making sacrifices. But the idea of ​​renunciation has not yet reached the inheritance. And also son Erich with his wife Lydia – alias Sigi Saler and Simone Anerinhof – don’t like it at all with insects, creepy crawlies and all the bacteria and viruses in the forest. Only granddaughter Christine, played by Verena Würbel-Tschofen, obviously feels at home. When Grandma Maria then finds a bag with a lot of money in the small forest hut, her “kin” takes care of Grandma Maria in a very touching way and suddenly it’s not so bad in the forest anymore.

When the robber, who wants to get his booty in the forest hut, appears and a supposed jogger also has to go to the forest hut urgently, events take a turn for the worse. But that’s not all, because Christine’s friend, the real estate agent Rene, also likes the idyllic property. Despite the turbulence, grandma’s birthday is celebrated first. And so the end takes a spectacular course for everyone. With funny dialogues, a lot of facial expressions and gestures, the actors breathe their own character into each character and convinced the premiere audience in the play “Pure Nature”. At the end there was a lot of applause for the entire team under the chairman Petra Wachter.

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