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“Hardly hits a note”: “Kaisermania” by Roland Kaiser falls through with Schlager fans

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From: Luke Einkammerer

The best-of show for the 20th anniversary of Roland Kaiser’s “Kaisermania” is not well received by hit fans. Hateful comments are piling up online.

Dresden – You just can’t please everyone: For the 20th anniversary of Roland Kaisers (70) concert series, ARD shows the best-of show “20 Years of Kaisermania”. Many viewers are anything but enthusiastic about the format – and mock the singing and the appearance of the Schlager veteran.

“Hardly hits a note”: Roland Kaiser’s “Kaisermania” completely fails hit fans

In the summer of 2003, Roland Kaiser gave the first concert of his now legendary format “Kaisermania” in Dresden. To celebrate this milestone properly, ARD is showing the big anniversary episode on Saturday (March 18), in which the “Santa Maria” interpreter performs his greatest hits and reviews the best moments of the last 20 years. Actually a nice occasion – many Batfans, however, don’t seem to be in the mood for nostalgia.

“But he hardly hits a note anymore and his voice has become thin,” complains a Twitter user, “I already like Roland Kaiser as a person and then it’s kind of bitter to hear something like that.” Kaisermania “birthday obviously not only fans of the hit star. “The Emperor wrote all his songs while drunk,” scoffs one user, “Did he always sing so badly?” Another does the same.

Already knew? Roland Kaiser’s biggest hit came out of frustration

In May 1980, Roland Kaiser released his most successful single to date, “Santa Maria”. Kaiser explained about the creation of Santa Maria: “The two of us emptied a bottle of red wine when the title came about. Actually, Norbert Hammerschmidt and I only drank it out of frustration, because our original “Santa Maria” version had just been rejected – (it) was not emotional and not romantic enough. And that’s when we thought: Well, now you’ll get your package of romance, and we’ve (…) taken it to the extreme. Record company comment: ‘This is awesome! We’re recording that.’”

“Pretty wrong”: Schlager fans tear up the appearance of Roland Kaiser

It doesn’t stop with hateful comments about the singing skills of the hit legend – his stage outfit is also properly targeted. “For the fact that Roland Kaiser attaches so much importance to tailor-made suits, the suit that he (…) is currently wearing on ARD is pretty wrong,” writes a Schlager fan, “The jacket doesn’t fit at all, far too wide at the bottom.” Also the “awful” implementation of the performance falls mercilessly with many viewers: “Every hardware store and car dealership opening has better sound quality than here in Dresden.”

Roland Kaiser's
Anything but enthusiastic fans: Roland Kaiser’s “Kaisermania” completely fails on the internet. © Screenshot/ARD/Roland Kaiser – 20 years of Kaisermania (photomontage)

While many Schlager fans get the worst of their accounts with “Kaisermania”, Roland Kaiser is playing a concert at the same time as part of his “big birthday tour” in the Olympiahalle in Munich – where the response is likely to be a lot more euphoric. Last However, thousands of people had to be evacuated during a concert by Roland Kaiser. Sources used: Twitter

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