How to Delete a Facebook Lite Account

How to Delete a Facebook Lite Account

Anyone who uses Facebook Lite on their cell phone can delete their social network account through the application itself. The platform settings screen includes options to quickly delete or deactivate the profile on Android.

By cell phone or computer, there are some conditions applied to the account deletion process — for example: it is not possible to use the Facebook login option to access other platforms, such as Spotify. Next, answer the main questions about the process.

What you need to know before deleting a Facebook account

What is the difference between deleting and deactivating?

When removing the account, Facebook offers two alternatives: deactivate it or permanently delete it. The first option has a temporary effect and hides your profile from other people, but it is still possible to log in or regain access. The second, in turn, permanently removes all information about the profile on the network and does not allow recovering it.

What happens when deleting the account?

After deleting the profile, Facebook removes access to the account and all published content such as photos, posts, videos and check-ins. It is not possible to reactivate, use Messenger or use Facebook as a way to login in other applications. Some messages may still be kept in other friends’ chat logs.

I asked to delete the account, can I go back?

Facebook offers a period of up to 30 days after the request to cancel the process. In this case, simply log in with the profile on any device and select the “Cancel Deletion” option. After the period, you will not be able to appeal.

How to delete facebook lite account

  1. Open Facebook Lite (Android) and select the three-bar icon in the upper-right corner;
  2. In the menu, access “Settings and privacy” and tap “Settings”;
  3. Select “Access and Control”;
  4. Then press “Deactivation and deletion”;
  5. Choose between permanently deactivating or deleting the account and proceed;
  6. Confirm the process with the password.

After requesting deletion, you have up to 30 days to cancel the action. Just login to Facebook on any device.

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