"The nonsense is naturalized": Javier Castrilli leaves the big one for a penalty charged against Colo Colo

“The nonsense is naturalized”: Javier Castrilli leaves the big one for a penalty charged against Colo Colo

The always controversial former international referee questioned the decision made by the judge of the match between Colo Colo and Cobresal. For the Iron Judge, there was a prior foul that should have invalidated the action.

Colo Colo had a painful defeat against Cobresal in the north. The cast directed by Gustavo Quinteros looked uncomfortable during the 90 minutes and thanks to the interventions of Brayan Cortés they did not suffer a major defeat.

The Cacique’s bad moment was reflected eight minutes into the game when, after a corner kick, Guillermo Pacheco put the miners’ team ahead. Situation that became complicated at 34′ when the judge of the match sanctioned a penalty shot by the hand of Fabian Castilloplay that turned into a goal, Cecilio Waterman.

For Javier Castrilli it was not a penalty

The former international referee, Javier Castrilli, who had a brief stint in Chilean soccer, gave his opinion regarding the play and considered the collection of the maximum penalty a horror. Since for him there were factors that conditioned the play.

“The nonsense is naturalized. García charges Castillo from behind and the contact of his hand with the ball occurs ”, began by saying, through his social networks, the former head of the national referees.

To then refer in harsh terms to the technical concepts argued by the judges of the match. “They say: ‘…enlarge the volume…’ justifying it. Total bullshit”.

To end by saying that “The Rules hold that movement ceases to be unnatural when it can be justified. It was not criminal”hill.

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