They criticize Tenoch Huerta in networks for charging for photos and autographs

They criticize Tenoch Huerta in networks for charging for photos and autographs

  • Last year “Black Panther: Wakanda forever” was one of the most watched movies in Mexico with 10.3 million tickets sold.

  • Tenoch Huerta gave life to “Namar” in Wakanda forever.

  • The convention will take place until Sunday March 19 at the WTC of CDMX.

Tenoch Huerta was the guest of honor at the recent event of “The Mole Convention 2023”, However, he has been criticized on social networks for charging to take photos with him or to give autographs. The prices vary depending on the type of photo and the number of people, the cost of a photo with two people would be $1,800 Mexican pesos.

Tenoch Huerta It has given a lot to talk about, as it has been very successful in its recent appearance as “Name” in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” and it is that for many Mexicans it was a pride to see their participation together with Mabel Chain in the universe of Marvel which is one of the most profitable in the film industry and so far this year has already raised 40,046 million dollars.

The Marvel Cinematic Universewhich began with the 2008 movie “Iron Man” has quickly surpassed great sagas such as Star Wars, James Bond and The Lord of the Rings to become the highest-grossing film franchise of all time by a wide margin. The four films in his series “Avengers” have been among the highest grossing films. “Avengers EndGame” is found only below Avatar who has maintained its leadership as the most successful. In 2022, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” was one of the most watched movies in Mexico since 10.3 million tickets were sold.

They criticize Tenoch Huerta in networks for charging for photos and autographs

After the success of Tenoch Huerta for his participation inWakanda foreverhe has been seen interacting in public with his fans mexicansHe was even recently in the CDMX subway where he talked and took photos with the people who were in the place and even allowed them to kiss him. However, yesterday he was the guest of honor of this edition of “The Mole” which was held World Trade Center (WTC) where many fans arrived with the illusion of taking a photo or asking the actor for an autograph; However, to the surprise of many, this had a price and because of this, it was criticized on social networks, since it was commented that this type of act should not have any profit.

In the place there were also merch of “Name” that fans bought to autograph them later.

Los tickets to meet tenoch They had different costs and were sold on the official page of “La Mole”. The prices depended on what the fan wanted:

  • Professional digital photo with 2 people. (1,800 Mexican pesos)
  • A selfie photo (1,600 Mexican pesos)
  • Autograph (1,600 Mexican pesos)

It should be noted that this was not entirely the idea of Tenochsince normally the convention is the one that organizes these types of events and it is likely that said convention will keep a part of the profits. In addition, the well-known artists who attend the event usually charge in the same way for different content that they offer to their fans and the profitability of the “La Mole” event is based on that.

They even criticized him for one of his old posts.

Unsurprisingly, fans customized his own Dr Simi for him, the trend that hasn’t stopped being popular with artists.

The practice of charging for photos and autographs is something very common in the entertainment industry, however, it can generate negative reactions among people, in this case, there has been a debate about this, since fans support Tenoch Huertawhile other Internet users have not stopped judging him for said action.

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