A lot of green and comfort: this is the luxurious house of Marley

A lot of green and comfort: this is the luxurious house of Marley

Marley He is probably one of the celebrities with the longest experience in the world of national entertainment, and a large part of his career has been spent on Telefe.

The figure of Telefe has become a symbol of the channel. Marley he has headlined hundreds of shows there. In fact, they often assign it to take care of the most complex and important cycles.

Thanks to his charisma and sympathy, Marley With his own style, he has managed not only to win the affection of his colleagues, but also that of the public, who follows the events of his life as if he were another member of the family.

The famous man took a picture in the dining room of his home while signing the book of children’s stories that is based on his struggle to be a father.

The Telefé driver He is very active on social networks, where he usually shares with his millions of fans what happens to him on a daily basis. It was on his Instagram account that he showed how he was preparing for what will apparently be a great gathering of friends this Sunday at his home.

While Mirko’s father was filming the arrangement of the grill with the stove in the center of the garden of his house, he ended up showing much more. It is clear that he likes the country style, and in that area of ​​his home the decoration is basically imposed by nature, with trees and lots of green.

There is a pool and several chic lounge chairs around it. On them there is a small roof with pergolas, whose decoration must be vines in spring, that provide shade to enjoy comfortably there on hot days. The patio of the house also has a rustic-style fence, in which the bushes are a fundamental part.

simplicity and elegance

at other times Marley He has revealed the inside of his house.

All the rooms have access to the garden and he had to cover the sides of the stairs for the safety of his little son.

The wooden decoration and furniture predominate in a classic carob color, a tree with which not only the furniture but also the openings have probably been made.

Marley with Mirko when he was just born, in the kitchen of the house.

The property is on two floors, with large windows overlooking the garden and huge rooms, where subdued colors and a minimalist style mostly reign, except perhaps for Mirko’s room, which is full of toys even before he was born.

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