According to a pollster, Garro sweeps any candidate

The electoral schedule began to run towards the closing of the lists, the STEP and the general elections in which -among other things- the mayor of La Plata will be elected. And at the same time the first polls began to circulate in which the names that are already in dance are measured. As already reported, the lists close on June 24, on Sunday August 13 will be the PASO and on October 22 the general elections.

One of the first polls shows the main conclusion that if the PASO were now the mayor Julio Garrowho is running for re-election, prevails by a great difference in any scenario and before any candidate. In the Juntos por el Cambio internship, he would obtain 80 percent of the votes., while it would almost triple the names that were submitted to the poll by the Frente de Todos. While all the ruling party candidates would take 8 points from those of the Frente de Todos.

But one of the data that most caught the attention of the pollster CB Consultant that the probe carried out is that among those who aspire to dispute the internship with the mayor for the space of Patricia Bullricha leader who had two terms of office as a provincial senator for La Plata, as John Paul Allanhas a lower level of knowledge and less intention to vote than another who became a deputy from Buenos Aires as a representative of another district: it is about Daniel Lipovetskywho agreed to that bench representing Olavarría, in the Seventh electoral section

Regarding image, Garro is the only one of those surveyed that has a positive difference (+18) for being the one with the most positive image, with 56.1% and the least negative (38%). At the same time, he is the one with the least level of ignorance, since only 5.9% of those surveyed did not know who he was. The opposite occurs with the radical Sergio Panella and the macristas Allan and Lipovetsky, who appear among those with the least level of knowledge: all around 60%. To which they add more negative image than positive.

The leaders of the Front of All Victoria Toulouse Peace y July Wine They have a low level of ignorance but at the same time they are the ones with the most negative image: 65.5% and 61.2% respectively, which places them as the respondents with the greatest negative difference: 39.2% and 36.7%. The councilor and former judge Luis Arias and the provincial deputy William Escuderoare the other two Peronists in the sample, and both show a level of ignorance on the part of the population above 50%.

The survey also measured the prosecutor Marcelo Romero, who has shown intentions of running for office although still without a definition on the space. 67.2% of those surveyed stated that they did not know him, while among those who do know them, 20.7% have a negative image and a positive one of 12.1%, which gives them the lowest negative difference (8.6% ) of all the leaders measured with the exception of Garro, the only one with a positive value.

The work presents two scenarios of the general election with Garro facing in one of them the Minister of Social Development Victoria Tolosa Paz and in the other the Buenos Aires Minister of Justice Julio Alak. In the first case, Tolosa Paz would prevail by 36.5% to 26.7%, while in the second scenario, Alaka would prevail by 35.7% to 25.3%.

The survey offers a section to qualify the municipal management of Julio Garro: 54.2% rate it as positive and 41.4 consider it negative.


The survey conducted by CB Consultant It was carried out in La Plata between March 2 and 6 in a general population over 16 years of age, with the Cawi Online data collection technique, with a questionnaire of closed and open questions with direct application.

It covered a universe of 1,050 total cases and has a sampling error of +/- 3% and a confidence level of 95%.

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