After alleged arrest for harassment, famous singer arms brawl against the press

After alleged arrest for harassment, famous singer arms brawl against the press

the famous singer lalo mora He appeared in a presentation after being accused of alleged harassment, and after being confronted by the press, the musician’s team put together a tremendous mess with the aim of avoiding the delicate subject.

In The Truth News we tell you about his arrest in California for alleged improper touching to a young woman, for which it is speculated that he paid a large sum to be released, although he has not ruled on this situation.

It was in the Ventaneando program that the drivers exposed the singer’s reaction and his staff, who did everything possible to prevent this controversy from being addressed.

Lalo Mora avoids questions about his arrest for harassment

Upon the singer’s arrival at the event he had scheduled, it could be seen that both his daughter and her companions tried to prevent, using force, the approach of the press, who could only access the concert, in which Mora recalled: “You all know that I was about to die, the covid almost took me”.

At the end of the show, the media once again tried to talk about the alleged sexual harassment that he carried out, as well as arrest and $20,000 fine who is speculated to have had to pay to be released.

Although there was no success, since he limited himself to giving a brief answer and, instead, making inappropriate comments at a communicator who tried to get an answer on the subject.

“I love you very much, behave well, kid… hello, cool mommy (she referred to a reporter) nothing, here I am,” she commented.

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This is the age of Lalo Mora

This is the age of Lalo Mora

The famous regional Mexican singer from Nuevo León was born on January 24, 1947 and He is currently 76 years old. He has a long artistic career and is known as part of the band ‘Los Invasores de Nuevo León.’

Although he does not talk much about his personal life, it is known that on more than one occasion his career has been affected by different allegations of sexual harassment of women.

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