After being denounced, Kalimba reappears and breaks down in tears in full concert

After being denounced, Kalimba reappears and breaks down in tears in full concert

kalimba is facing accusations for alleged sexual harassment, this after the also singer Melissa Galindofiled a public lawsuit against the singer, since he would have touched her on several occasions without her consent.

Given the facts, the member of OV7declared through a press release, which we present to you in The Truth Newsthat all the accusations are false and that he will soon start a legal process, to prove his innocence.

But after all the controversy that the 40-year-old actor is also experiencing, he reappeared for a presentation next to the OV7, in Las Vegas, where he could not take it anymore and broke down in tears, before thousands of witnesses.

Kalimba breaks down in tears in full concert

Kalimba reappeared this weekend, in The Vegas, Nevadawhere he delighted his followers with his talent, as part of the international tour for the 30 years from the OV7 group, however, a video went viral, where the famous man bursts into tears.

“The only thing I can tell you today, I want to tell you today, from the depths of my heart is, love a lot, love a lot. Suddenly we are so full of hate and resentment and revenge that we are capable of things that For us they can be very small, destroy lives and destroy societies and destroy people, so the only thing I want to say is love, let’s not become judges of anyone, let’s not be on one side or the other, let’s observe,” he said through tears.

The interpreter of “Duele” continued with his message arguing that “God gives his battles to his best warriors”which brought laughter from the audience, but also made it clear that even though she feels sad, she will continue to fight for her truth.

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Kalimba thanks the OV7

Kalimba appreciates the support of OV7

The emotional moment concluded with a big hug from his OV7 teammates, since Kalimba, thanked them for all the support that he has received from the singers, after this wave of accusations that have emerged on social networks and the media.

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