Arslane bluffs the coaches of The Voice 2023: "You have one of the most beautiful voices of this season"

Arslane bluffs the coaches of The Voice 2023: “You have one of the most beautiful voices of this season”

Broadcast this Saturday March 18 on TF1, the fourth session of the blind auditions of The Voice 2023 got off to a strong start! To start the evening, Amel Bent, Vianney, Zazie and Bigflo and Oli listened to the performance ofArslane, a 26-year-old Parisian who works as an engineer and helps the elderly in his free time. To impress the coaches, the young man chose to cover the song No time to diegang-original you movie Dying can wait, whose original performer is Billie Eilish. And the least we can say is that his performance impressed the jury. If Amel Bent and Bigflo and Oli turned around from the first notes he sang, Vianney was true to himself by triggering his buzzer at the very last minute.

Coaches won over by Arslane’s performance in The Voice 2023

Determined to see him join their team, the coaches showered Arslane with compliments. “I adored you from the start. (…) I love deep voices, your tone touched me a lot and when you came up I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think you could go this high. I feel like there’s a monster inside you. As in Harry Potter, I have the impression that you have a power that you have not yet mastered. I think that you can embrace this power and that we can work together to unlock you”said Bigflo, before giving the floor to Vianney. “It’s true that I came at the last moment, but I’m here anyway. In reality, what happened was that I was too charmed, especially at the beginning. Then afterwards, it was much less mastered. I turn around at the very end because with the two end notes you reminded me of all the good that there was at the beginning”explained the interpreter of Father in law.

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Amel Bent compares Arslane to a former winner of The Voice

But if there is one coach who was charmed by Arslane’s voice, it’s Amel Bent. “I think you are one of the most beautiful voices there will be in this season. And I weigh my words”launched the singer, before comparing the young talent to a former tele-hook winner. “You have a strength of interpreter… you reminded me of Slimane, my brother. Up there, you have something, it’s infinite! You have treble… for a man, it’s extremely rare”, continued the coach, who then had a tender thought for Florent Pagny, affected by cancer. “As Florent would say, because we always think of him when we hear big voices like that, your voice, it cuts through the air. It’s impressive !” Deeply touched, Arslane did not hesitate very long before choosing his team. “What Amel Bent told me really touched me so for the rest of the adventure, I will continue with Amel Bent.”

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