Confrontation between Familia Michoacana and Sedena left 5 hitmen dead

Confrontation between Familia Michoacana and Sedena left 5 hitmen dead

The attack by armed civilians against soldiers from the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) was reported in the Guerrero mountain range, in the municipality of Coyuca de Catalán, where the preliminary information was announced. death of at least two soldiers and five of the hitmen.

Official reports state that the confrontation occurred after an ambush by presumed members of the Michoacan Family against an Army convoy that was on a surveillance tour of the area.

Images of the scene of the events circulated on social networks, after the confrontation, which would have been caused by members of the cartel, who have a strong presence in the Tierra Caliente region and have caused a great wave of violence that has led to the forced displacement of residents.

Military ambushed by organized crime

Armed attack between soldiers and hitmen

According to Proceso, it was reported that the military elements were attacked by 18 armed people who were transported in two trucks.

The inhabitants of the Sierra themselves spoke of an ambush of a group of soldiers near El Pescado, and spoke of seven people murdered, two members of the Army and five civilians, apparently members of the Michoacán Family.

It should be noted that the information so far is from the internal reports of the institutions and from inhabitants of the mountain area who ask that their names be omitted for security reasons.

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Where does La Familia Michoacana have a presence?

The Michoacan Family has a presence in Hidalgo and Morelos

The group appears to have a presence in the states of Hidalgo and Morelosas well as in his native Michoacán, a state that for several years has been seriously affected by drug trafficking

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