"If Prichia does not come to us, I leave The Voice": Bigflo amazed by the performance of the French beatbox champion

“If Prichia does not come to us, I leave The Voice”: Bigflo amazed by the performance of the French beatbox champion

This Saturday, March 18 in The Voice 2023Bigflo fell in love with Prichia, French beatbox champion, after attending her blind auditions.

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For the fourth consecutive week, the coaches of The Voice 2023 meet with their backs to the stage to listen to the performances of the candidates. Zazie, Bigflo and Oli, Vianney – who was surprised to see a candidate he already knew – and Amel Bent are gradually building up their teams before the Battles. This Saturday, March 18, new talents presented themselves in front of them to try to impress them and especially to make them press the buzzers. Among the candidates this evening, Prichia, a young woman of 26, originally from Portugal but who has lived in the Paris region for ten years.

Prichia (The Voice 2023) returns all the coaches

A few seconds before delivering her performance in front of the judges, Prichia admits to being very stressed: “I’m scared, but this fear is ultimately going to be a warrior’s stage fright that I’ve always had to go as far as possible in this adventure.“. She finally embarks on a cover of Early in the morning by Gaël Faye in which she alternates between singing and rapping. After a good minute of singing while the coaches do not turn around, Zazie ends up pressing her buzzer. Then, Bigflo and Oli, even if the latter was a little hesitant. And finally, Amel Bent and Vianney at the last second. A way of doing things that annoys the brothers who don’t hesitate to talk about “Viannite”. However, one thing intrigues the brothers since they wonder if it is really her who makes music with her mouth, but quickly, she confirms that she is, which makes them even more admiring.

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If it don’t go with us, I’m quitting the show The Voice France

We really liked your proposal“, Oli admitted. “I think there was too much energy. You unpacked everything you had in store, suddenly, it was a little too messy, but it doesn’t matter because the talent was there“, adds Bigflo. Subsequently, the latter gets a little too carried away and thinks that there is no doubt and that Prichia will leave with them.It is sure that it goes with us because if it does not go with us, I leave the show The Voice France. I can’t say better. Despite the words of the Toulouse brothers, Prichia has not decided to go to their team and chooses to continue the adventure The Voice with Zazi. Bigflo can’t believe it and doesn’t talk anymore. Come on, no hard feelings!

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