Impressed, Joe Hattab pays a moving tribute to Algeria (Video)

Impressed, Joe Hattab pays a moving tribute to Algeria (Video)

For those who do not know it, Algeria presents itself as a little known and dangerous country where insecurity reigns. However, in recent times, more and more foreign tourists are making the effort to come and discover its history and culture, the diversity of its landscapes and its monuments, but also the charm and friendliness of its people.

Among its tourists who were impressed by the discovery of the true facet of Algeria, the Jordanian blogger Joe Hattab. Indeed, the latter devoted for his trip to the country, a video to pay a great tribute to Algeria. A video, titled “Finally arrived in Algeria, the largest country in Africa”, of 27 minutes which managed to make 1.5 million views in just 17 hours.

Joe Hattab tells Algeria in 27 minutes

Joe Hattab’s video summarizes all the highlights of this Jordanian traveler’s stay in Algeria, notably in several cities of the country, but also gives an overview of the country’s history, going back to Independence.

Through his video, Jo Hattab reveals to foreign tourists the best ways to enjoy their trip to Algeria. Indeed, this visit allowed him to discover the Algerian culture and the flavors of its cuisine. By discovering the streets of Algiers, Joe becomes acquainted with the various popular markets of the region. Where he was able to test some legendary restaurants in the capital and taste the traditional culinary specialties of the country.

Joe Hattab visits the Great Mosque of Algiers

Joe Hattab’s visit to Algiers continues with a visit to the garden of El Hamma, qualified as paradise on earth by himself, but also to the great mosque of Algiers. Where the travel blogger never ceases to express his wonder. “It’s artistic genius in architecture… the view is incredible” launches Joe Hattab while discovering the minaret of the great mosque of Algiers.

The Casbah, its walls, streets and alleys tell the story of Algeria

Who says trip to Algiers, says obligatory passage to the Casbah. Classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1992, the Kasbah of Algiers is one of the sites that testifies to the time spent in Algeria. “Its streets, its walls tell the story of Algeria,” says Joe Hattab in his video. During this visit to the Casbah of Algiers, Joe discovers the history of this region, but also the architectural style of some houses.

Joe Hattab

Joe Hattab discovers the Roman ruins of Tipaza

For his trip to Algeria, Joe Hattab decides to visit Chréa to find himself in a totally different landscape, dressed all in white thanks to the snowfall. This trip continues with the visit of the Roman ruins of Tipaza.

“Finally arrived in Algeria, the largest country in Africa”, Joe Hattab’s video punctuated by Chaabi music testifies that Algeria is far from being a dangerous country, but rather a tourist destination that combines a rich history, friendliness and landscapes that take your breath away.


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