Jasmin Tawil is free: This is happening now with her son Ocean

Jasmin Tawil is free: This is happening now with her son Ocean

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It was a dramatic week in Jasmin Tawil’s life.The ex-GZSZ actress was arrested by the police in Costa Rica a week ago. There are several charges against her, even an arrest warrant. The 40-year-old ended up in a psychiatric hospital. Original sound: Hauke ​​Herffs, BILD reporter: “Jasmine has now left the psychiatric clinic in the Costa Rican capital. She was housed there for a week, a week full of insecurity and uncertainty. No information on her son Ocean, who was taken away from her by the authorities. No information on how to proceed. Whether she can stay there or has to leave the country. No information on the ads brought against them. I visited Jasmin Teil in the clinic a few days ago. I found them to be very stable. But also always on the verge of tears, completely distraught when it came to her son, of course, whom, as I said, she couldn’t see. From which she got no information at all. The boy is in a children’s home. Nobody knows where this children’s home is at the moment. Nobody should find out either, because the authorities, who saw the child’s welfare at risk, do not believe that Jasmin Tawil can take good care of the son. This is of course an incredibly difficult situation for a mother. Jasmin Tawil is a single parent, after separating from her boyfriend Miquele she was on her own. As she described to me, this is of course not an easy situation at all. She always took care of her son, and that became clear in our conversations with her. That’s everything to her, little ocean, he’s three years old, really is her everything. That’s where her heart lies. And the fact that she had no contact with the boy was the hardest thing of all for her. Now she’s out. She said herself that she is trying to get in touch with the boys. It is completely unclear whether this is feasible and whether the authorities will allow it, and that is why I think this will be a very dramatic, exciting time.”

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03/18/2023 – 18:56

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