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Kyiv: Three civilians killed in bombardment

According to Ukrainian officials, three civilians were killed in a rocket attack in a residential area in the Zaporizhia region. Two others were injured. The Ukrainian military administration said Russian troops fired Grad rockets at the village of Kamianske. Authorities in the region are warning of attacks and have asked residents to leave the areas.

Moscow accuses the US of direct involvement

Meanwhile, Russia has accused the United States of being directly involved in the war in Ukraine. Moscow cited US drone surveillance flights over the Black Sea as evidence of this. “It is quite obvious what these drones are doing, and their mission is by no means a peaceful operation to ensure the safety of shipping in international waters,” government spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, according to a report by the Interfax news agency.

“Indeed, we are talking about the direct involvement of the operators of these drones in the conflict, against us.” Peskov probably meant that the drones would collect military-relevant data and the US would pass it on to Ukraine. It is known that the USA is sending data to Kiev for its own reconnaissance and secret services. Exactly what data and to what extent is not known.

Statements and allegations from both the Russian and Ukrainian sides cannot be independently verified.

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