New York - Algiers flights: Air France lowers its prices for April 2023

New York – Algiers flights: Air France lowers its prices for April 2023

The month of Ramadan is the best time to travel, of the month for Algerians who wish to spend the holy month in the country. This period is also announced for the trip, in particular thanks to the various promotions launched by the airline companies serving Algeria.

Indeed, on the France – Algeria network, Algerian travelers have at their disposal a multitude of choices between tariff offers. But what about the Algerian community established in the USA? do they have the same travel opportunities?

Ramadan 2023 flights: Air France lowers the prices of its New York – Algiers flights

In the absence of a direct line between Algeria and the USA, Algerian nationals established in this country use the services of Lufthansa and Air France to travel between the two destinations. However, in terms of fares, this plane ticket often costs an arm and a leg.

To travel, they watch out for booking sites looking for good deals to reduce their travel budget. At Air France, the month of April promises to be the best time to travel between its two destinations, at reduced prices.

Indeed, on its booking site, the French company displays its one-way tickets from New York to the capital Algiers from 903 euros. This is the case for trips scheduled for the first days of April 2023. In particular, between April 9 and 12.

In addition, other tickets are available at the price of 940 euros. And for travel dated April 14, 15, 20 and 21, 2023.

What about round trips?

Air France’s round trip offer is much more interesting. Indeed, for these flights from New York to Algiers airport, the French company offers tickets for the flight go from 356 euros.

On the other hand, the return flights, of this same company, from Algiers to New York, are displayed from 413 euro, on its booking site. The return ticket will cost, in this case, environs 769 euros at Air France.


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