Played cop on the highway - see when the car is stopped

Played cop on the highway – see when the car is stopped

It was a Sunday morning in mid-January that the police received an alarm call about a private car driving with flashing lights on the E4. According to the preliminary investigation, he must have followed one of the Armed Forces’ transports. In questioning with the police, one of the truck drivers says:

“He was driving with flashing blue lights the whole time and both laid down in front of us and then pulled off at an exit and then came up behind us again.”

The blue lights must be destroyed

The man in his 40s explains that he understands that it could be perceived that he was a police officer. In questioning, he says that the blue lights were installed just over a month before at a cost of SEK 23,000. According to the man, the intention was not to disturb but to help the police in their work.

He is now sentenced to a fine and the illegal blue lights must be destroyed.

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