Positive Affirmations: The Benefits of Working Together to Be More Happy

Positive Affirmations: The Benefits of Working Together to Be More Happy

Despite being a source of bad news, the internet is also flooded with ways to try to counter this negativity.

A quick search for “inspirational” content leads us to find a large number of talks, interviews and phrases aimed at finding meaning in difficult times.

A list of the latter typically includes things like “The imagination is more important than knowledge”, attributed to Albert Einstein, or the lyrics of the song by Nicki Minaj (which translates as) “Todo el mundo muere, pero no todos viven ”.

Self-help specialists, talk show hosts, Instagram influencers, and up to former US first ladies. suelen be authors of positive affirmations.

One of these lists published on the website Oprah Daily (from the well-known TV presenter) during the darkest days of the pandemic, a quote from the writer Maya Angelou stood out, who reminds us that “Nothing can erase the flame that shines inside you”.

Angelou wrote captivatingly about her experiences with racism and trauma. So her words can resonate with us in a single hour, wherever we are in the world.

Listening to or reading this type of brief memorable phrases can help to achieve a more positive mindset.

Whether it’s a call to action or a reminder of the values ​​we most appreciate, affirmations can act as a counterweight to what psychologists call rumiación (repetitive patterns of negative thoughts). He has guided us to focus on what matters in our lives.

How to access positive sensations

Date the pleasure of being part of a connected and inspired community. GETTY IMAGES Photo: BBC World

The positive emotions can be extremely powerful. Research indicates that when we are prepared to feel joy, curiosity, gratitude and other types of positive sensations, we have what psychologists call “wider repertoires of thought-action”.

Eso quiere decir que puede to imagine new possibilities and put to test new things. We become more creative and better at solving problems.

In 2011, the American psychologist Martin Seligman configured what he called PERMA welfare model. PERMA are the acronyms in English for the five main elements of the model: positive emotion, commitment, relationships, meaning and achievement.

This model is a useful tool to understand the different ways in which we can activate more positive ways of thinking.

These cover a whole range, from experiencing a positive emotion to becoming completely absorbed in a challenging task, creating a more loving connection with someone, trying to understand a difficult situation, or simply marking completed jobs off a list.

secular prayers

Positive emotions make us more creative and better at solving challenges. GETTY IMAGES Photo: BBC World

Positive affirmations have the potential to affect the various elements of our well-being. We can be strengthened when we can identify ourselves with the content of a message, when we have a moral and when it is memorable.

One can give us hope and focus on the here and now. A common saying in the circles of those seeking recovery in the organization Alcoholics Anonymous is “one day at a time”.

Others urge us to become fully involved in an important task: “You are more likely to modify an emotion through activity than to become active through emotion”, says American psychologist Jerome Bruner.

Some people can focus on developing positive relationships: “Really strong people lift others up. The people who really are powerful together with others”, says the former First Lady of the USA. Michelle Obama.

In this way, positive affirmations function as a secular version of religious or spiritual prayer. Investigations show that when said out loud, prayers can lift the spirit, be reassuring and create an attitude of hope. Likewise, reciting or singing a quote or deep song at the same time can generate great empowerment.

Lee sings out loud the positive messages and the morals. GETTY IMAGES Photo: BBC World

The statements are used to help us give meaning to the disappointments and complications and keep us in the fight to achieve our goals, as a motivational speech for ourselves.

According to the researchers, the people who verbally alienate themselves are more likely to function better, to be more satisfied with their work, and to want to stay in their places. This process can be vital for endurance athletes in endurance sports.

Little sparks of joy

At the end of accounts, it is a mental state of intentionality he who can help us manage the challenges we face with these positive aspects that we recognize. Even if we are fighting for social justice, or simply trying to organize ourselves to survive, there are often small sparks of joy that can be found in the simplest moments of life. As Aretha Franklin sang:

You must spread joy as much as possible

Lower that weight to the minimum

Have faith, on the contrary the pandemonium

You can enter the stage

Aretha Franklin, known as “la reina del soul” sang: “You must spread joy to the maximum”. GETTY IMAGES Photo: BBC World

So you look for quotes and songs that inspire you. Keep them in an easily accessible place, such as the wall of your bedroom or a booklet that you keep in your pocket. And use them every time you’re going through a difficult time or when you need motivation to think about the big picture, about the purpose of your life.

Share them with others, whether through social networks or in person. Date the place of be part of a connected and inspired community.

And read them out loud. It will surprise you how you will feel with more energy and hope. It’s exciting to know that pronouncing words of hope and food can help you -and those around you- in the course of your life. (I)

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