Ricardo Jaime was released after seven years in prison |  THE TERRITORY news from Misiones

Ricardo Jaime was released after seven years in prison | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones

Saturday March 18, 2023 | 5:50 p.m.

The former Secretary of Transportation of the governments of Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Ricardo Jaime, was released after being detained for 7 years. He was released at 4:30 this Saturday.

Last Wednesday the Federal Oral Court number 7 had ordered Jaime’s “immediate release”, which ended up being carried out from the Warden of the Superintendence of Federal Investigations of the Federal Police.

Sources close to the former official’s defense explained that this file, a detachment from the Cuadernos Cause, was the only cause that kept him in prison, according to reports Argentine News.

The release ruling was signed by judges Enrique Méndez Signori and Germán Castelli, plus the partial dissent of Fernando Canero, who had been inclined to moderate the conditions of confinement by the modality of home prison.

Two issues were fundamental for the decision: the expiration of the last extension of the preventive detention ordered on September 15, 2022 and the worsening of the state of health of the former Secretary of Transportation.

“Sufficiently illustrative at this point the reports stated, corroborating from the circumstances exposed the existence of a delicate health condition on the part of Jaime that warrants the moderation of the precautionary measures,” sustained the majority vote.

“It is clear that, beyond the chronic pathologies suffered by the named, over time there has been a situation of deterioration of his health and general clinical condition,” the resolution added.

The court established as obligations “the defendant’s promise to submit to the procedure and not obstruct the investigation; the obligation to notify any change of address, as well as any circumstance by virtue of which he must be absent from it for more than 48 hours or more than 70 kilometers; the prohibition to leave the country without prior authorization; the delivery of the passport in his possession and the placement of a GPS monitoring device –Assistance Program for Persons Under Electronic Surveillance-“.

The last medical report on Jaime’s health stated “skin carcinoma and the need to perform Mohs surgery”, the recommended treatment for skin cancer.

In addition, “headache, stabbing pain and serum-blood discharge, gauze pads or compresses with hypoallergenic adhesive tape should be placed at the level of the ulcerated lesion in the temporal region (preauricular) and analgesics were indicated on demand”.

It follows from the ruling that Jaime will move to the province of Córdoba, where he lives, “due to the need for strict control by those around him to guarantee the proper follow-up that his pathology requires.”

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