After kidnapping: parents and children found in Bottrop

After kidnapping: parents and children found in Bottrop

The search for a woman from Hamburg and a man from Bottrop has ended. The two had kidnapped their children from a shelter.

The police were still looking for photos on Saturday afternoon for a 35-year-old woman from Hamburg-Altona and a man (24) from Bottrop. Both had kidnapped the common small children from the care of a child protection facility.

On Saturday evening, the Hamburg police ended the search for the parents. According to the police, a crucial tip led to the 35-year-old being located in Bottrop on Saturday evening. She was found by local police around 8 p.m. The two small children were taken into care and were safely handed over to the local youth welfare office.

Children lived in a children’s shelter

The two- and three-year-old children were last housed in a children’s shelter in the Heimfeld district by decision of the youth welfare office. The child’s mother and her separated father from Bottrop had visited the children on Wednesday morning and left the facility with the small children on their own. Since then there has been no trace of them.

Since the first investigations had not led to the four people being found, the district court of Hamburg issued a public search order. Therefore, the Hamburg police published photos of the mother and father.

Liddy Oechtering, spokeswoman for the Hamburg public prosecutor’s office, said during the search that the mother could be in an exceptional psychological situation. She is considered mentally unstable and tried to kill herself in February.

A little later, the woman presented herself voluntarily in psychiatry, as reported by the Hamburger Abendblatt. She was recently released from there and then drove to the child protection facility on Wednesday. She had been given access under the pretext that she wanted to visit the children with her father, who was separated from her and actually lived in Bottrop and who was also being searched for by a public manhunt. Suddenly she and the children were gone.

The Harburg police conducted the investigation.

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