SSPM will implement the 'value yourself' program in five schools

SSPM will implement the ‘value yourself’ program in five schools

Juarez City.- The Municipal Public Security Secretariat, through the Social Prevention Directorate, announced that the “Valórate” Program is currently being implemented simultaneously in five schools with the participation of students and parents.

In a statement issued by the police corporation, it indicates that the program is also carried out at the Municipal Police Academy, the place where the largest number of young attendees is concentrated.

The topics to be dealt with by the psychologists who offer this course were diverse in each of the participating schools, such as:

• Municipal Police Academy, theme: “Responsible Parenting”

• CBTIS # 128, theme: “Peaceful conflict resolution”

• CBTIS # 114, topic: “Communication and social skills”

• CETIS # 61, theme: “Self-esteem and self-concept”

• CECYTECH # 23, topic: “Illegal behaviors”

• State High School # 3001-3004, theme: “Responsible Parenting”

The main objective is for young people to learn to function appropriately in their social environment, as well as to strengthen the bonds of communication and understanding with their parents and families, through physical activities taught by municipal agents to clear their mentality.

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