Star Wars Jedi Survivor: The Fact of Cal Kestis in a Teaser of the Story Trailer

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: The Fact of Cal Kestis in a Teaser of the Story Trailer

I managers of the social channels of Electronic Arts and Star Wars once again raised the sipario sulla Galassia far ahead of Guerre Stellari to offer a piccolo (but always glad) antipasto dello Story Trailer di Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

The cousin of the due teaser who is ripping off his social has accompanied the announcement of the Story Trailer and retrae l’Stinger Mantis spaceship While performing a perilous maneuver of evasion in the atmosphere of what, presumably, dovrebbe essere Koboh, one of the many world explorers of Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

In the most recent teaser, once, the show from Respawn Entertainment did focus on his figure of Cal Kestis to show a personaggio reso più maturo, forte e al tempo stesso affaticatodagli anni trascorsi da esiliato dopo aver fronteggiato la minaccia imperiale culminated in the finale of Jedi Fallen Order.

Ad ogni modo, I saw that the appuntamento con lo Story Trailer di Star Wars Jedi Survivor is fissato per monday 20 march alle ore 16:58 italian. In the meantime, I saw that our page was powerfully read this analysis of the new gameplay of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, with a guard ravvicinated its playful elements, narratives and content that were attended by the EA metroidvania adventure launch, foreseen by it. April 28 your PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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